3 Ways to Take Control of Your Finances In the New Year

3 Ways to Take Control of Your Finances in the New Year

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Why do you struggle with money year after year? It is because you do not have a clear goal or intention for your money, so it is spent on anything that comes up or that “shiny object” that you want in the moment. Do you find yourself living from one paycheck to the other or running out of money at the end of the month? Or maybe you say no to a trip that you really want to go on because you feel that you cannot afford it. 2015 is your year to take control of your money and start…

Breathe, Reconnect, Think... Then Respond

Breathe, Reconnect, Think… Then Respond

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Think before you speak. Think before you act. It’s one of those sayings dealt out to children from the parenting deck of cards. It’s a saying that isn’t usually adopted by anyone and instead reserved for awkward moments of embarrassment or frustration. While it’s 100% good advice it’s actually very very hard to do, especially in a world that is moving faster and faster every.single.day. It seems as though thinking has given way to reacting. We react in anger every time someone cuts us off in traffic by yelling out. We react in frustration every time a line is too…

Transitioning with Openness & Honesty

Transitioning & Embracing Change With Openness & Honesty

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Mid-May. A time for HUGE transitions ::: college students moving home, students graduating and moving into jobs, people getting married, couples buying their first homes together, the list goes on. Spring is quite simply the perfect time of year for change. In fact, it’s when nature itself is awakening and blooming; almost urging you along with every spring rain and budding flower. And while change is inevitable and is always happening – moments like this can feel overwhelming, terrifying, and down right hard. Hard because with a new situation comes new fears, new challenges, new expectations, hopes, plans and dreams….