Successful People Embrace Being Uncomfortable

how to make decisions

This past weekend, my 5-year-old granddaughter, come down the stairs. She had her cute little blue ruffled swimsuit on, and a beach towel in her hand. Granted we live in California and it was a sunny day but it still was too cold, in my mind to go swimming. “Wotcha doing?” I asked, as if I didn’t … [Read more...]

Women Baby Boomer Entrepreneurs

Baby boomer women entrepreneurs

More women than ever are starting a business with baby boomers being the largest group of new entrepreneurs. As a baby boomer myself and having spent 30 years in the health care industry one of the questions I get asked is why start a business now? Women baby boomer entrepreneurs start their … [Read more...]

Successful Women Entrepreneurs Hold Onto Their Power

successful women entrepreneurs hold onto their power

One of the personal and professional struggles I had, was giving away my power. The reason it was a difficult lesson to learn was because I didn’t always realize when I was giving it away. I didn’t realize each time I felt I had no options, opportunities, or choices was because I had chosen to … [Read more...]

My Dream Lifestyle

women's health lifestyle

When I first left my corporate job I hadn’t given a lot of thought to my dream lifestyle. I thought about freedom. The freedom that I was looking for was time freedom. I wanted to be in complete control of how I spent my day. If I wanted to spend time at a school function, with my kids, I didn't … [Read more...]

Top 3 Reasons For Having An Online Business

women with online business

I have to admit that before I started my business from home, I had pushed aside the thought many times thinking “I just didn’t have the time.” But once I made a decision and commitment to being an entrepreneur my only regret was not making the decision sooner. I quickly learned that time freedom … [Read more...]