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7 Essential Branding Tips For Women In Home Based Businesses

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So you have taken a huge leap of faith and decided your going to be an entrepreneur and have your own home business. Then someone asks you what are you going to do? There is a moment of silence as you try to put into words exactly what you’re product or service is.

This is your first step in developing your brand. Branding is a clear message to your potential clients about who you are and what you can do for them. A clear message is essential for women in home-based businesses. Your brand is how your business shows up in everything you do. Here are 7 essential tips for building your brand.

1. Have a clear message. To have a clear message you need to define your brand. Here are some questions to ask yourself. What do you want to be known for? What do you want people to think of when they think of your business? What expectations do you want your clients to have.

2. How are you different then your competitors? Be very specific. What makes you better then your competition? Do you have better service, faster service; are you more reliable, have a better guarantee? Determine the things that set you apart from your competition so that your customers will know why they should choose you.

3. Be very specific and clear about whom your niche, or ultimate client is. Who is it that you would like to work with? Think of who you enjoy being around or who you would enjoy helping. For example other moms or other female entrepreneurs.

4. What problem or challenge does your ideal client have?


When we started our business we did not give enough thought to who our ultimate client was and what their problem was. This was a costly mistake. Our marketing message was not specific to a single group, which meant no one really identified with the message. No one thought, “they’re talking to me.”

Huge mistake for home-based business owners because their marketing dollars are not being spent efficiently. The clearer your message the more your ideal client will be able to identify with it and find you.

5. Have a very specific message about how your product or service helps solve your niche market client’s problems. The more tailored and specific you are the more clear your message.

6. Show up the exact same way in everything you do. Your message, colors, logos, business letters, business cards and blog posts should all look the same and have the same clear message.

7. Be consistent in your action. Your potential client will learn that you are reliable, but also the consistent action will help them to remember who you are and what your business message is.

Your brand is all about deciding how you want your business to show up and being consistent with the message. People will start to notice and remember your message and be able to share your message with other potential clients.

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Elena & Jean


P.S. Please leave us a comment and let us  know how your doing as you develop and build your business. What challenges did you face as you developed your brand?

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