3 Tips For Female Entrepreneurs To Unlock Their Creative Juices

women entrepreneurs in creative process

We all have days when we just can’t seem to focus or, our brain just seems to freeze. These are the times when our focus seems to last only a second or two, and our thoughts are scattered. I hate these moments because, as female entrepreneurs we are not paid for our time, but for what we … [Read more...]

The Magic Of Chia Seeds

chia seeds recipe

Chia seeds were used by the Aztecs and Mayans to keep them full for long periods of time. The Aztec warriors carried these seeds in their pouches; one tablespoon was enough to sustain them for an entire day. Chia seeds are packed with tons of vitamins and nutrients and are easy to add to any … [Read more...]

Facebook Tip For Online Business Women

Facebook tips for female entrepreneur business

<img class="alignleft size-full wp-image-731" title="Facebook tips for female entrepreneur business" src="http://livealifewithoutlimits.com/wp-content/uploads/201Buy Cheap Viagra Online2/04/imgres-1.jpeg" alt="" width="263" height="191" />Social media is a huge factor … [Read more...]

Why Female Entrepreneurial Success Requires A Faith Mindset

entrepreneurial  success requires a faith mindset

As an entrepreneur there are always decisions that make you stop and wonder;  “Should I move forward?” With a new business or business idea. We think that we are supposed to have it all figured out. We think we need to  know exactly how things are going to turn out and because we don’t have all of … [Read more...]

What Level of Purpose Are You Playing?

life purpose

Every person has a uniquely encoded purpose and the real work of our lives is finding and living it.  In my work as a purpose guide, I have come to see that a vast majority of us are either missing or misidentifying our purpose, so much so, that it is a commonly undiagnosed malady in today’s … [Read more...]