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Entrepreneurs Create Extraordinary Lives

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Some would say my dad was a hard worker, others would say he was a great business man an entrepreneur and a risk taker. I would say all are true. But what I would say describes my dad the best is his strong unending love for his family and that he, as an entrepreneur created an extraordinary life.

My dad was an entrepreneur and every summer he took a month off to spend with his family. Something we would not have been able to do if he had a 9-5 job.

What I remember and treasure the most were the summer family vacations. This was the time his kids, all six of us, had his undivided attention.

My dad loves the outdoors. So we never traveled to Europe or took fancy trips. We took a family vacation each summer, that always involved camping fishing and his love for wildlife.

One of my favorite vacations was spent camping in Montana along a river. Every morning before breakfast I got up with my dad to go fishing. I had a pink fishing pole, and can still remember the smell of the trees, and the feel of the brisk mountain air, as we walked down to the river and plopped our poles into the water.


I was so excited and proud walking back to the campground with my stringer of fish. Looking back, I don’t think I did anything besides hold that pink pole, my dad baited it and did the rest. How the heck he caught so many trout before breakfast, I have no idea. To this day I have never been able to catch fish like he could. We would clean them and fry them up, before my sister and brothers, were out of bed.

My dad is in his 80’s now, but we still talk and laugh about the times we spent on our different vacations. It wasn’t the place we visited, it was the time together and the funny, silly things that happened, that today we continue to talk about and share as we sit around the dinning table.

There is no doubt, for us family vacations and travel have brought our family closer together and created a family legacy.

This family legacy of travel was so special for me that it was one of the things I was determined to share with my kids, and now my grandchildren. As my children got older travel was something they were always excited to do, and it allowed me a chance to really get to know them. It was a way to hear what they think, enjoy, and believe without all the interference and interruptions of the outside world. Today I love being able to take our family to different parts of the world. I am grateful to have the time to do what is important to me, to “live my life without limits.”

We share our views of the world, and our love for the the environment through our family vacations. It is easy to teach our kids about different cultures through our vacations.

One of the biggest benefits of being an entrepreneur and having an online business, is being able to travel and schedule your time as you desire. As a parent, grandparent and daughter, to parents in their 80’s this is so important. Time is such a precious commodity. We believe that having a lifestyle that you dream of and desire is totally possible for you. We would love to share with you our 7 day training series,”living A Life Without Limits.”

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Elena & Jean


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