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prosperity and overcoming obstacles

Obliterate Your Obstacles

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/04/abundance_999135525-300×300.jpeg” alt=”” width=”243″ height=”243″ />Mostly, we really do want to follow through on our academic research paper commitments to ourselves and on our promises to others.

Why? We feel so much better when we do! Therefore, we optimistically tell ourselves that we’ll:

  • Keep our bulging email inbox under control
  • Get plenty of sleep each night to shore up on our brain power
  • Exercise daily to relieve the anxious feelings that otherwise build up only to throw us off balance
  • Stick to a schedule or budget or eating healthy foods.

And then it happens… We get distracted. We delude ourselves by believing that “it won’t take long” to first: phone your friends… check your messages… log

on to Facebook, Twitter or Linked-In… have a snack… clean the kitchen, and so on.


Then, three hours later, you’re wondering what happened to the time…? Allowing delay tactics to rule you can turn your tasks into big obstacles and divert you from your original plan! The disappointment that usually sets in afterwards can further impede your progress.


To stop this debilitating cycle, choose to see through the illusions you’ve created. Don’t let the whims of

your mind dictate your actions. Specifically,

  • Imagine your unruly mind as a wild stallion that you’re capable of

    taming. Deliberately reign in your mind. Say “stop” and redirect your mind as often as necessary

  • Challenge yourself to focus on the most important task first. To better determine your priorities, ask “impact” questions, such as “What’s likely to happen now, if I don’t do this task first?”
  • List valid positive reasons that support why you really do want to complete a specific task. When you are clear about why doing this task will benefit you, it’s much easier to get started (and to keep going)!

One of my clients consistently procrastinated managing her business emails. She was completely overwhelmed by her overflowing inbox. Finally, feeling too paralyzed to even delete one of these old emails, she sought my help. Here’s the list we constructed to help her get unstuck:


  • I like feeling organized
  • I’ll save time in the long run
  • An uncluttered inbox gives me an energy rush
  • I can feel confident that I haven’t missed something important


Now fortified and eager to move forward, she deleted hundreds of emails within a few days! What a spectacular achievement and a major boost to her self-worth. Don’t let what calls to you in the moment keep you from doing what’s really important.


My best,



Barbara McRae, MCC is the founder of Mental Rebound™ and owner of Savvy Success LLC, an international coaching and consulting firm. She has over 15 years experience coaching new and long-time leaders for optimum success and happiness, as profiled in Business Week Magazine, USA Today, and The New York Times. Visit her at http://www.nextlevelsuccesscoaching.com.

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