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Do I Take The Safe Route Or Follow My Dreams?

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That was the question I got asked yesterday and I felt compelled to share it with you today.

Most people take the safe route.

Days “slip” by one after another without the conscious thought of, “is this what I really want.”  The thoughts of self-doubt can bind us like a ball and chain to safe but unfulfilled choices.

So when my daughter asked, “do I take the safe route of should I follow my dream?’

I had no hesitation, “follow your dream.”

Here’s the story. I was asked by my 22-year-old daughter, “should I move to New York?”  She continues full of passion and with some frustration,

“I want to learn about building my own business, and I know I can get lots of experience there, but everyone is telling me that I’m crazy!”

My daughter Reneé, is young with no bills, or responsibilities and now is the perfect time for her to go out and live her dream life.

But she was also second-guessing herself as she said it, “no one is excited for me to do this.

Watch the video and see her story:


This is the deal no matter how old you are or what is happening in your life now is always the time to go for your dreams. There will never be a perfect time.  Bottom line is follow your dream now no matter what. There will never be a better time or “perfect time,” to start getting paid to do what you love.


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To Your Life Without Limits,

Elena & Jean


P.S. Before you rush off leave a comment and let us know how your, “going for your dreams!”

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