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video marketing tips for female entrepreneurs - live a life without limits

3 Essential Video Tips For Female Entrepreneurs

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Essential video tips for female entrepreneurs – live a life without limits

Vlogging or putting videos on your blog is a great way for people to get to know all about you.

And you know what they say, “people love to do business with people they know.”

So if you’re ready to create an army of followers start creating videos.

Videos are a great way to brand yourself.

In this video are 3 essential video tips for female entrepreneurs.



When we first started making videos, oh my what a disaster it was. It took all day to do a 3-minute video. There were takes and retakes and more retakes with lots of frustration. Then out came the bottle of wine. I laugh now and your wondering, “what the-h**l took so long?”

Fear had shown up as perfectionism. My hair did not look good, the lighting was bad, and the sound was no good, people will see it and laugh at me. You name it we had made an excuse why none of the videos were good enough to put up.

Videos were one of the first challenges where fear really showed up.

So how do you overcome fear you ask?

Identifying that it was just fear showing up as perfectionism and then stepping into it. No magic pill, no magic potion, just facing it.

Fear shows up dressed in many suits, and it is an obstacle to your, life without limits. It sucks up your time, your energy, your creativity, and your enthusiasm. Remember it is not based in reality and that it is a barrier to your true life. We will talk more about overcoming fear and perfectionism in our next post.

Enjoy the video and the tips; it’s not perfect it’s just up!

Drop us a comment and let us know how your first videos went we would love to hear from you. Feel free to share this with your friends; we love it when you do.


To Your life Without Limits,

Elena & Jean


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