Personal Branding to Help You Standout From The Crowd and Boom Your Business

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If you’re ready to build a business that rises to the top, and be a leader then dare to be different. It’s not hard to build your personal brand if you let your true personality shine. We all know the saying, “people do business with people they know and trust.” The easiest way to get people to … [Read more...]

Our Thoughts Of Courage And Thanks On Memorial Day

courageous living, women live with courage

Memorial day is a day to honor our soldiers. By tradition to honor the soldiers that have died serving our country. So we want to take a few minutes to share our thoughts on courage and to say thank you to all soldiers past and present for all the sacrifices they have made. We, like most of you, … [Read more...]

Baby Boomer Women Are Hit Hard By Todays Economy

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Today’s economy is hitting boomer women hard. As a boomer woman I am watching some of my girlfriends really struggle. Some have gotten caught in the downsizing and others have watched a huge chunk of their retirement savings get eaten up by the stock market drop, and still some baby boomer women … [Read more...]

Women And Money: Practical Tips For Keeping Track Of Your Money


All women are looking for financial freedom and peace of mind. It’s a driving force for women entrepreneurs, but all businesses take some time and hard work to get off the ground. Well at least ours did, and we have not met any entrepreneurs yet that have told us that their success was fast or easy. … [Read more...]

Top Blogging Tips for Savvy Female Entrepreneurs To Create Attention Around Their Online Business

female entrepreneur blogging tips

Starting a blog and blogging regularly can be an overwhelming task at first, so we’ve come up with some of our Top Blogging Tips for Savvy Female Entrepreneurs.   Blogging is an excellent way for female entrepreneurs to create attention around their blog and online business. It's also a … [Read more...]