3 Tips On How To Grow Your Business Even When You’re Broke

grow your business, female entrepreneur

As a female entrepreneur one of the hardest decisions we have is how to grow our business when we are broke or worse yet we are in debt. As female entrepreneur coaches we  often hear, “when I get my _____(fill in the blank) paid off then I can grow my business. This is one of the things that … [Read more...]

Get Your Ego on Board to Live Your Soul's Purpose

Discover your souls purpose

When it comes to living a life of purpose and destiny, it requires ALL of you. Unfortunately, there can be an inner saboteur that gets in the way of you really taking a risk to stand out and shine. What I found from working with thousands of people is that it is essential to get into right … [Read more...]

Live A Life Without Limits Interview By Carrie Green Of The Female Entrepreneur Association

Elena & Jean Live a life without limits

Recently, we at Live A Life Without Limits had a chance to be interviewed by Carrie Green from the Female Entrepreneur Association. We answered questions about building our business like, "what was the biggest challenge in running our business" to "what have we found to be the most effective way to … [Read more...]

5 Easy Strategies To Grow Your Online Business

grow your online business

This past week I had a women email me with questions about her business. Her name was Rebecca and she was looking for some business strategies. One comment she made was that she was having a hard time deciding what her business was going to focus on because she had so many things she was interested … [Read more...]

Baby Boomer Business Owners Top 3 Books To Read This Summer

baby boomer business

One of the things we love about summer is sitting on the beach or poolside with a good book. We love to read and we love continuing to learn about business and for me, as a baby boomer business owner it’s important to constantly learn and develop new skills. So today, sitting poolside, I … [Read more...]