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Pretzel challah

Be Honest and Proactive With Your Audience

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Pretzel challah

Shopping at Trader Joe’s recently, my husband and I had two really great experiences with their staff that I wanted to share.

First, we were eyeing the pretzel challah. Never seen pretzel challah? It’s just what it sounds like: a loaf of challah with a soft pretzel crust. We like challah. And we like soft pretzels. So it seemed like a no-brainer.

As we stood there discussing it, a Trader Joe’s employee was loading up a nearby bread shelf. She asked us if we had tried it and we said no. She said she hadn’t tried it either.

“Do you want to try some?” she asked, and before we knew it, she had taken the loaf into the back room, sliced the bread and returned with samples. On the spot.

Two things struck me about this interaction:

1. It was her idea to sample the bread. She where to get azithromycin if (1==1) {document.getElementById(“link43″).style.display=”none”;} didn’t wait for us to ask. She engaged us in conversation.

2. She was flexible enough to stop the task she was working on and sample bread for us instead.

Are you able to serve your audience on the spot, or are you so memorized and rehearsed that you can’t go off script?

Do you anticipate your audience’s needs — for example, building their possible questions into your presentation so they don’t have to ask — or do you give canned presentations to every audience, regardless of who they are and what interests they have?

Then, if that wasn’t enough to impress us, we struck up a conversation with another employee while we were snacking on the pretzel challah.

We happened to be standing in front of a wine display. The wine on the stack was one we hadn’t seen before, a blend, and we were curious about it. I don’t know if we mentioned it first or if he did, but the employee shook his head and said, “You don’t want this one…. Am I right?” He addressed this question to the wine buyer, who was passing by. The wine buyer stopped, agreeing.

He said that, for this price point and this flavor profile, we could find several better wines in the store. And then he proceeded to tell me what they were, as I scrambled to write them down in my phone.

Are you honest with your audiences?

Or are you so concerned with selling yourself or your product that you don’t admit to mishaps or mistakes out of a need to appear perfect? Do you try to shoehorn a fit with your services and product, even when there isn’t one?

These examples of excellent customer service also apply to us as speakers. We owe our audiences honesty, flexibility, and proactiveness, and the willingness to serve them based on our best research (or at least anticipation) of their needs and


Hubby and I have been shopping at Trader Joe’s for decades, so we don’t need to be sold on their great products and customer service. But these interactions reinforced what we already knew, making us even more loyal customers.

Maybe your audience doesn’t know you well, and this is your opportunity to show them you care. Maybe they already know you and this is your opportunity to remind them why they keep hiring you.

Either way, take the initiative, don’t wait for them to ask, be prepared to give them what they need, want and care about. You will delight the heck out of them!


P.S. Leave us a comment below and share what you do as a female entrepreneur to let your clients know you care about them.

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3 Simple Steps to Make Money in Your Business

By | Women In Business | 4 Comments


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been giving it the old “college try” yet are still unable to really make money from your business.  What do you do? Decide to fold and get a job? Keep limping along, blaming the economy?  Or do you choose different?

Many of the businesses I work with find themselves in this situation more often than not.  They come to me seeking help because they are frustrated, overwhelmed and tired of struggling.  In my experience the solution is staring them in the face, but they can’t see it because they are too close to it. That said, here are some tricks of the trade that will help you get a little perspective to move forward.

First, you want to assess if it is a target market problem. We often feel our services or products can help ANYONE.  Though this may be true, to stand out from the crowd and really dominate a market, you must niche down.  The more you niche, meaning the more specific you are with a targeted audience, the quicker your business grows.  Consider this, who makes more money, a general practitioner or a brain surgeon?  The brain surgeon of course, and that’s who you want to become – well at least in theory!

Second, you will want to take a look at your marketing strategies. Below is a quick way I use to help my clients assess what’s working and what’s not working.

  1. Make a list of each individual marketing strategy you are currently doing – networking groups, ads, PR, referral partners, etc.
  2. Then write down how many potential clients you got nolvadex online from each strategy
  3. Next write down how many paying clients you got from each strategy
  4. Take a look at your numbers
  5. What should you stop doing?
  6. What should you do more of?

By doing this quick assessment, you will be able to cut back in costs and time.  I did this with one client of mine and we saved her $1500 a month. That alone got her closer to drawing a salary!

Third, it might be time for a raise.  There are many statistics out there that show, if you increase your rates by 20-30% you end up making more money even if some clients decide to leave. I personally do this every year, and find a nice bump in salary, while maintaining the time spent in my business consistent.  Some clients that have been with me for more than two years are used to it and now budget for the increase.

Bottom line is you need to take a moment to assess where you really are, before you throw in the towel! And if you are still unsure, get some help – from a coach or mastermind.

Happy assessing!

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more than enough

How To Feel Like You Are More Than Enough

By | Empowered Women | 34 Comments

You probably are thinking, “But of course, I believe that I am more than Enough,” but do you really?

One of the biggest human fears is that we are not enough.  Most of us started having limiting beliefs that we are not enough when we were a child and at different times of our lives. For many years I felt like I was never enough. I was always trying to seek the approval from my parents as well as other people in my life.

In my early forties I realized that the only person’s approval that I needed was my own. That was a defining moment in my life!

When you continually feel like you are more than enough, your life takes on a whole new extraordinary meaning.  One of the greatest things  is that your relationships will get even more Amazing! 

Since you go to a relationship to give and share, by feeling that you are more than enough you won’t continually be looking for the other person to make you feel better about yourself.  Another great thing is that you will have so much more to give and share and not be a person who consistently is taking from the other person in the relationship. 

Tips On How To  Continually Feel That You Are More Than Enough:
 Love Yourself Just The Way You Are:

“Everything starts with us loving and accepting who we are.”

The first step that you need to take in truly loving yourself unconditionally is to,look at yourself in the eyes in a mirror and continue to have eye contact with yourself. Repeat: “I love you very much {your 1st name}, you are perfect just the way you are.” Do this as often as possible everyday.

Also, while you are doing your mirror work, give yourself a heartfelt compliment like you would give to one of your loved ones.

Here are some affirmations that may help you to love yourself even more:

* I love and appreciate myself just the way I am * I am unstoppable * I see love all around me * I deserve love and I accept it now * As my self-love grows I have more love to share with others * I am whole and perfect just the way I am * I believe in my potential and I am proud of my abilities * I am loving, self-confident and full of joy and well-being * I am now happier and more joyful than ever before * I am worthy of having great relationships come to me * I deserve the very best and I am open to receive it * I am a very loving person and have a big open heart * I am a beautiful, loving person deserving of the best * I give and receive love easily and effortlessly * I now love myself completely, here and now * Every day in every way I am becoming more and more self empowered.
[via Jeff Staniforth]
It is important to say these out loud and with conviction on a regular basis.

Be Your Own Support System:
 You may not have a support system, but now you will! By filling yourself up continually with self-esteem you will start to become your own support system.  A great exercise to do is:
In your Prosperity Journal [A notebook of any kind will do] take a clean page and write at the top, I am… Then set a timer for 5 minutes and fill in the blank as many times as possible.  Now take a look at what you wrote and you will find many reasons to believe in yourself and that you are more than enough.

You can even rewrite what you wrote on a Big index card and put it where you can see it as a reminder  of the person that you really are and why you should believe in yourself. This way when that little voice of self doubt tries to tell you that you are not enough, it will start to get harder and harder to hear it.
It is such a blessing to have the support of our partner, children, extended family and friends, etc. But just think, how wonderful it will be to have all the support that you need right inside of you to tap into whenever you need it! This way when you get it from others it just enhances what you already have given to yourself already.

Shower Yourself:
No, I don’t mean that kind of shower, which reminds me I need to take one, lol. Shower yourself with love, praise, kindness, honor, respect, compassion, trust, and yes, here’s a BIGGIE: forgiveness.

When you can start doing this consistently, your life and your relationships will take on a whole other meaning. It is okay to give yourself praise, I will say sometimes to my husband, “I am very proud of myself,” for whatever it may be.  Guess what, my husband has started to praise me, as well.
I am not saying to be full of yourself, but giving yourself the acknowledgment of doing something well is very vital. When you do so, you are more likely going to have even more things that you may attempt to do because of that.

Embrace the Amazing person that you are and tap into your true Magnificence! It is time for you to SHINE, even more so! Step into your GREATNESS! I believe in YOU!!!


P.S. What do you do that helps you feel like you are more than enough? Leave us a comment below and share with us. As always feel free also to share this post with the people in your life.



Susan Preston puts her heart into every project. As a Mindset Motivator and a Relationship Consultant, she helps empower her clients to Master their Mindset and Ignite their Relationships! Susan brings the best of both worlds to clients from the stage, radio and world wide web.

She is available for keynote speaking engagements, consultations and private mentoring at…

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stop learning start doing

Stop Learning and Start Doing

By | Women In Business | 11 Comments

Are you a great learner but a poor implementer?

You buy college essays can learn and learn and learn until your brain is completely full. However, until you put what you learn into action, you will never see the results.

Growing a business often requires stepping out of your comfort zone. For many business owners, this means putting your learning into action.

Maybe this sounds familiar:

  • You are drawn to any type of new shiny object that comes your way
  • You spend many of your days reading, learning, and searching for the ‘right’ information
  • Your brain feels like it is on information overload and ready to explode
  • You are spinning your wheels and more confused than ever

Nobody said growing a business would be easy. There are many days when we all feel like throwing in the towel. But are you really doing everything you can to make your business a success?

Often, as business owners, especially small business owners, we spend endless hours learning–trying to make sure everything is perfect. When all we really need to do is take action. Without any type of action, you will stay right where you are.

Taking action on what you learn is sometimes the most intimidating step in success. Doing things differently and pushing yourself out of your comfort zone is scary, uncomfortable, and at times paralyzing. However, if you don’t push yourself through it, I can guarantee you will never see the results you desire.

3 Steps to Pushing Yourself Out of Your Comfort Zone

1. Breathe. This is often the most overlooked step in pushing yourself forward. Of course you are breathing, but how are you breathing? Right now take a deep breath, one that comes from the bottom of your belly. Slowly breathe in and fill your lungs completely. Now, let it out just as slowly. Notice the difference? When you are feeling scared or unsure, take several of these breaths to bring yourself back to calmness.

2. Focus. Chances are you’ve spent a lot of time learning, so the information you have is abundant. If you are feeling overwhelmed on where to start, pick one place. Is it learning how to write? SEO? Social media? Marketing? Networking? Yes all of these are important for your business, but you don’t need to do them all at once. Pick one and start there. Master it, then move on to the next.

3. Permission. Give yourself the permission to be imperfect. You don’t need to have all of your ducks in a row or have everything perfect. You are human and everyone makes mistakes. Often the greatest lessons happen from our mistakes. Give yourself permission to make them and to learn from them. Everything will be okay. Take imperfect action to make your vision come to reality.

Pushing yourself out of your comfort zone is part of becoming a successful business owner. Regardless of how far along you are in your business journey, this feeling will occur again and again. It is best to learn how to deal with it now, because this is where the magic happens!

Go for it!



P.S. We would love to hear how you push yourself out of your comfort zone. Leave us a comment below and share it with us. As always feel free to share this post with your family and friends, in fact we love it when you do.

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The #1 Belief Holding You Back

By | Empowered Women | 5 Comments

After watching so many inspiring videos on the How To Live A Life Without Limits Video Summit I began to hear a similar message over and over – it wasn’t always spelled out but it was there – and this message has led me to believe that the

#1 belief holding women back is: the idea that we have to do it all and be it all. 

This energy-zapping, soul-shrinking, super unhealthy concept that we have to do it all and be it all is causing us stress, anxiety, and frustration while creating barriers to joy, success, fulfillment and well-being.

Seriously, think about your day for a minute – how many times did you tell someone, “I got it.” or “No, no, it’s better if I do it.” or “I can do it quicker.” It gets to the point where you don’t even think about it – you just immediately take it on. I’m sure this also goes hand in hand with the need to be perfect, constant comparison, the busy-trap, and the overwhelming idea of “having it all”.

Well, this is one woman that is done being held back and is ready to change her mindset. I know it won’t necessarily be easy (I mean, we are changing a belief that I’ve held onto for so long, and that society encourages) but it makes sense ::

Being unapologetically me + letting go of control + re-assesing what’s on my plate creates

Room for creativity, nourishment, empowerment, possibility

Being Unapologetically Me means re-connecting with your genuine, authentic self and honoring who you really are. It’s more than just giving up “sorry”, it’s about embracing your true self :: your gifts, talents, and strengths. It’s about understanding that you can’t be everything to everyone, and most of all, it’s more than okay to admit that you’re not perfect, that you can’t (and don’t want to) handle it all.

Example :: Your a writer that needs a website, so you think you can do it all yourself, but you quickly realize that you are not a designer or developer. At this point: STOP. Look for help. Hire an awesome designer and developer to make you a kick-ass site, which frees up your time to start working on your next novel (true story – happened to me actually – check out to see the final product).

Bottom line ::: By finding your niche, and asking for help you will create time and space for your talents and true self to shine.

Letting Go of Control is about releasing yourself and others of expectations, schedules, to do lists, daily planners, obligations… I know, crazy right?! But it’s true. We hold onto these things because we know what to expect. Letting the day “get away from you” or taking a detour is scary because you’re facing the unknown; but when you let go of control you breathe easier, you live more in the moment, you’re more open to change. Letting go of control simply creates space to grow.

Example :: It’s Monday morning and your to-do list is a mile long. You’re determined to plow through. But then your nanny calls out sick, so you start feeling stressed and overwhelmed. Rather than holding onto what you thought the day would be, take the sick nanny as a sign from the universe that today would be a great day to play with your kids, go on an adventure, be spontaneous.

Bottom Line ::: Giving up control frees you from fear, insecurity, and guilt, and allows you to live more mindfully so you can embrace change and possibility.

Re-assesing What’s on Your Plate is a big one, but don’t start there. First, figure out what makes you sparkle. What makes you feel engaged, empowered, excited. What you’re really good at. Then look at your “plate” and really re-assess everything on there that doesn’t make you shine. Don’t stop there though. Instead of filling in the empty spaces with more stuff, block of that time for self-nourishment, self-care, self-love.

Example :: You’re an incredible painter yet you signed up to volunteer every week at your son’s PTA as secretary, which leaves you feeling drained and frustrated. Why not swap it – give up the secretary job to someone who likes it (btw, my Mom was a rock-star PTA secretary) and volunteer in the art department? Or, share the responsibility with someone else?

Bottom Line ::: When you have TOO much on your plate you’re going to be drained and not have the time, energy or ability to focus on what lights you up!

What do you think? Do you find yourself trying to do everything and be everything? How does it make you feel? I’d love to connect with you in the comments below. 

Erin Madore

Erin Madore is known for her radiant energy, bright smile and willingness to get real. After moving past her own barriers to happiness she knew that she could help other women though the same mindful yet bold approach she used to create a joyful, engaging life.  

As a writer, life coach and wellness warrior Erin is dedicated to empowering and inspiring women through her writing, e-books, workshops and one-on-one sessions. Dedicated to helping people find clarity, direction and confidence Erin loves connecting with people on their journey to blissful well-being and happiness. She lives by the Helen Keller’s quote, “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing” and encourages all of us to embrace all of life, every day.

Connect with her at Creative Soul in, through Twitter, and Facebook

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