You Can Turn Your Mess Into Your Message

your mess is your message

When we are in the middle of life’s mess the last thing we think to do is thank the universe…God... for our struggles…for our mess. Yet it’s through these struggles that our biggest life lessons come. And honestly your mess is how you came to be here in this world right now! Have you ever … [Read more...]

Discover Your Purpose Through Sharing Your Story & Message Even When It Feels Crazy

your purpose

  Your Message Is Your Purpose!  Your Purpose is in Your Message... in Your Story! Do you ever ask yourself, "What is my life purpose?" We hear all the time, “I’m just not sure what my purpose is.” The truth – Your message, Your lessons are what makes You…You! And in your … [Read more...]

What To Do When The Fear Of Change Holds You Hostage

Fear of Change

Has the fear of change ever held you hostage?  Yes, I can feel the nod of your head going up and down. The memory or memories come flooding back to that time that you wanted to change jobs but were afraid to do so because you weren’t sure if the new job was the right move for you or not. Or … [Read more...]

How To Turn Your Life Around Is Within You

turn your life around

  Trust The Bigger Picture. Even When It Feels Like Everything Is Going Wrong - Trust It's Going Right! I remember hearing advice similar to this after my daughter passed away and honestly I didn’t understand and hearing it I became angry. It’s easy to trust the bigger picture when … [Read more...]


you are a gem

YOU ARE A GEM! I am a gal who loves gems. I love them all, from the brilliant shine of a true sparkling diamond, to the deep matte finish of a black ebony stone. However, I am not into studs or bedazzled items as a rule (there are always exceptions). But I often wonder of the appeal of … [Read more...]