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actualize your dreams

Are you ready to actualize your dreams?

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actualize your dreamsDo you have a dream that hasn’t manifested yet? 

You can get discouraged if you have a dream, yet it hasn’t come to reality yet.

Maybe you have taken action steps towards it in the past and have gotten burned, disappointed, hurt or had your pride wounded in some way and put it on the back burner.

It’s like a smoldering flame deep down within you.  You want it to be a reality but a part of you is just too darn tired or afraid to take action on it once again.  Yet, it won’t leave you alone.  It just keeps nagging at you.

Have you ever experienced this in your life? 

If you have the dream in your heart and it won’t leave you alone, you were born with that dream and it is part of who you are.

You owe it to yourself and the world to do whatever it takes to fulfill your dreams!


I know for me it is my dream of finding the love of my life.  Deep within me I know and feel that there is someone special out there just waiting for us to meet and create our life together!  After almost 26 years of being divorced and single, that dream is still there.

Yes, I have gone through all the emotions, thoughts and feelings of giving up, putting it away and not thinking about this dream.

I used to say, “What is wrong with me?” all the time until I realized that there was nothing wrong with me, that it was I who was standing in my own way from realizing this dream.

You can choose to make that smoldering fire a daily suffering or you can choose to make it a burning desire with purpose, passion and results.

Are you allowing your dream to come into reality?

Sometimes you can create such a stringent container of how you want your dream to show up that you aren’t even aware of what is showing up that are foundational pieces of your dream.

I am not saying that you shouldn’t visualize your dreams as that is important.  What I am saying is when you visualize; allow your consciousness to be aware of the energy of the visualization.  Everything is energy and energy doesn’t lie.

I remember turning down the unconditional love of a man that had all the qualities I visualize the love of my life having.  I couldn’t get past that he wasn’t taller than me because in my mind I saw this person being tall, dark and handsome.  I was locked into that was the way he must show up.

You just might be passing up on some pretty awesome things because they don’t  look exactly like how you visualized them.

By allowing yourself to tap into the energy of your dreams and not be so hung up on what it looks likes in physical presence, you will find yourself bringing more dreams into reality.

When you get out of your own way, allow the energy of God/Spirit/The Universe to work with you instead of you working against it, miracles happen.  You fulfill your dreams, and life becomes fun, exciting and worth living.

Do you have a dream that you haven’t brought into reality yet? 

Are you standing in your own way from realizing that dream? 

What would your life be like if you allowed yourself to be open to all possibilities of actualizing that dream today, next month or this year?

Would you be happier in life with the dream as part of your living reality?   Although I am very happy in life, I know I would be happier with the love of my life in it.  That is why I am making 2013 the year to actualize my dream and the energy of what he will contribute to my life and me to his.

We would love to hear your thoughts about your dreams. Leave us a comment below and feel free to share this post with your family and friends.

BE Authentic, BE YOU!

Diane Marie


P.S.  My gift to you is a complimentary dream clarity strategy session.  Your dreams are just waiting for you to bring them into reality.  Don’t let another moment go by.  Click here

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Your Life Is Your Message Others Are Waiting For

Your Life Is Your Message Others Are Waiting For

By | Personal Growth | 4 Comments

Your Life Is Your Message Others Are Waiting For We all have doubters in our life, but it’s amazing that the biggest doubter can be the doubting thoughts inside our head.

Do you ever wonder how the doubter can become so strong and yet the universe and the messages we hear from it can be so hard to really trust?

We can silence the doubter and be sure that we have won, to find it has taken a different form. We are sure that what we think and feel is the truth until another layer is revealed.

The doubter inside you can steal your future!

You see the doubter that lies inside each of us likes to keep things exactly as is. It is constantly tweaking the thoughts in our head to convince us that they are reality.

But what if your life is the example others want?

What if your life is your message others are waiting for?


The doubter tells us things like,

  • “You don’t know enough.”
  • “You don’t have enough to offer.”
  • “Who do you think you are?”


What if none of this is true and there is a huge group of people all waiting for you and your message?

What if your true purpose, joy, peace, success, all live in the quite nudges that we hear and our true task is to find the courage to walk right past all the doubting voices?

 My audacious claim – That is our job and the doubter in all of us will kill our dreams in a millisecond…if we let it!

Every second of every day we have the choice to choose our thoughts and beliefs. No doubting thought can steal our dream unless we choose to allow it.  Each of us has the task of keeping our dreams alive and creating our best life.

So how do we change the patterns of our thoughts and beliefs? It starts with knowing we get to choose!

But then there is another step – accepting responsibility!

We are responsible for each thought we choose to believe and the results the thoughts create.

Our power to create our life without limits lives in what we are responsible for. What we choose to be responsible for, we have the power to change.

We aren’t responsible for all the events in our life but we are responsible for what we choose to do with each event or experience.

We are responsible for the taking the challenging events and learning the lessons. We are responsible for sharing what we have learned so others can gain from our experience.

The choice is yours. Do you share your message our let it die inside you?


To Your Life Without Limits,

Live a life without limits

Elena & Jean


P.S.  We would love to share our Journal Of Discovery to help you discover, enquire and reveal your living journey. Put your name and email in at the top of this page and we will send it to your inbox today.

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how to improve friendships

How to Improve Your Friendships

By | Women's Lifestyle | One Comment

how to improve friendshipsLet’s be honest ::: as you get older friends tend to take the back seat as family, work and other responsibilities rise to the top of your priorities.

It’s easier to cancel on a shopping trip with a friend then it is to skip your child’s school play or ignore the oil change light on your car. And the ramifications of canceling on a friend are a lot less dramatic then skipping the play or ignoring the warning sign in your car – most of the time all that happens is you’ll see each other less.

Most likely the friendship won’t be ruined and feelings won’t be hurt; however, friendships aren’t indestructible and it’s easy to keep canceling… Rescheduling to another week. Pushing girls night out back and back and back until it doesn’t ever happen.

Truthfully, there were many years where I practically ignored all of my friends.

They weren’t even put on the back burner – they were completely tossed aside. It wasn’t until I realized that I honestly missed them that I knew I had to do something about it.

See, we all need friends. We can’t rely on our boyfriends/husbands and family members to be the only people there for us. We all need friends for support, understanding, new perspective and love.

In fact, having friendships can help you strengthen your other relationships, improve your outlook on life and feel more confident, supported and motivated. I’ll even bet that if you dedicate time and energy to friendships all of the other areas of your life will improve. 

Yes it takes time and energy to improve your friendships!

5 ways to improve relationships with your friends:


1. Make dates and actually keep them

Don’t cancel this time. Take it seriously. Write it in pen in your planner. Consider this time as sacred and valuable and show up. Yes, I know it’s easier said then done, and I understand if a crisis comes up, but make your friendship dates a priority in your mind and your life and you’re more likely to keep them that way.

If you tend to cancel all the time try scheduling the date farther in advance.

2. Be Totally Present

Then when you get there, really, truly, completely be present. Give your friends the attention they deserve. Listen to their stories, their feelings, their stories. Hold this space for you and your friends to connect on a deep level ::: so put your phones away, let go of your to do list and just give them all of you.

3. Have Quick Check-ins

Now-a-days there are so many ways to connect with friends so don’t rely on face to face meet-ups to stay connected. Instead, email, text, call, Facebook or even snail mail them in between your dates!

It’s a great way to let them know that you’re thinking of them and that you value your connection.

4. Be thoughtful

Is one of your friends having a rough time? Bring them a little care package of goodies. Is someone else going through a career change or divorce?

Make sure they know you’re there for them – call, text, email just to say that you’re there for them if they need anything. Doing little things like sending them a card or bringing them flowers lets them know that you’re thinking of them and they’re important to you. Oh, and…

5. Really Be There

If you say you’re around for support and help be sure to show up. Don’t flake out when they need you. Be the shoulder they can lean on, the person they can count on through the good times and the bad. Not only will they do the same for you but it’ll feel good to help those that you love.

While these guidelines can help I know that friendships can be complicated; so, I surveyed my readers for their biggest challenges in keeping friendships strong. Here were a few of their concerns:

But Erin, I have trouble even just scheduling a date – our calendars just don’t match up!

If you struggle finding a time and date that works try combining your friendly meet-up with something you already have to do. Like, go food shopping together, run errands together one afternoon, go to the salon together, or even better work out together. That way you’re spending time with your friend but getting stuff done at the same time.

This is all great but my best friend lives on the other side of the country – how can we connect?

For those friendships that are separated by miles and miles of distance (rather than just busy schedules and to do lists) here are a couple ways to help stay connected: Skype/phone call coffee dates, snail mail/emails, yearly visits or meet somewhere in between. Say your best friend is in CA and you’re in Boston – meet in Chicago (pretty cheap airline tickets) and have a girlfriend’s weekend! Or you can both bring your families and spend some time with everyone together in one place.

Our differences are making it hard to really connect – we have completely different lives…

This is a lot harder to address in this post but my instinct is to say that sometimes you need to give each other space to grow. Giving your friendship a small break (or long one) can actually allow the connection to grow deeper and stronger. Sometimes not. Sometimes it’s best to allow yourselves to grow apart and find new friends. Listen to your intuition to tell you whether it’s a good time to take a step back, take a total break, or try to make it work.

Bottom line: Get creative with your meet-ups and really focus on connecting when you are together. 

Share your ideas on how you keep your friendships strong! 


P.S. Feel free to share this post with your family and friends in fact we love it when you do!


undefinedErin is known for her radiant energy, bright smile and willingness to get real.

As a writer, life coach and Reiki Guide Erin is dedicated to supporting people in their journey to find clarity, direction and happiness. After moving past her own barriers to happiness she knew that she could help others though the same mindful yet bold approach she used to create a joyful, engaging life. Just recently she launched a video series: Creating Careers of Purpose that runs every Friday.

She believes in the importance of community, connection, compassion, and a good cup of coffee. 

Connect with her at Creative Soul in, through Twitter, and Facebook.

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Stuck in life

Are You Feeling Stuck In Life?

By | Personal Growth | 2 Comments

 Stuck in lifeIt’s easy to feel stuck in life.

In fact for most of us we travel through our day, and then the day’s turn into weeks and the weeks into years. The time passes, and we don’t give much thought to a life we would love to live until we hear a nagging whisper asking, “How did I get here?”

That nagging whispering voice is the voice of discontent. It’s discontent and longing that lets us know we are feeling stuck in life.

It’s when we don’t listen to the voice of discontent that we get stuck in life.

Discontent or longing is our clue that we were made for more. That we are not fulfilling our purpose. That there is more we are here to do and be.

Without discontent or longing there is no incentive to change and grow, to get unstuck in life.

Discontent was my clue that the corporate job that I had worked so hard to achieve was not my purpose in life even though I thought it was going to be my “dream job.”

Often we live our life based on what we hear, see or feel as a child.

We get stuck in life settling or living someone else’s dream, and not our own.

Here are 7 tips to move forward even if you feel stuck in life.

 #1. Examine your life and the discontent or longing.

Ask yourself, “What would I love?” to have and do in my life. Write down what you would love in 4 areas of your life.

  • In your health
  • relationships
  • career or vocation
  • and with time and money freedom.

What type of life would make your heart sing? Take the time to write it out in present tense and then to read and tweak it. Start your vision with, “I am grateful for,”  as a way to keep your vision in present tense and having a lot of vibrational energy. Include gratitude, and your 5 senses to your vision of the life you would love.

What would the life you would love feel like, smell like, taste like, look like or sound like?

#2. Ask yourself, if the vision you wrote,

  • excites you?
  • matches your core values?
  • requires that you grow?
  • requires help from a higher power?
  • has good for others?

If you answer yes to these questions you’re on the right track!

#3. Give your vision life! Record yourself stating what type of life you would love. I like to use my cell phone voice recorder and listen to it while I am driving in the car.  I also love to use a dream board and dream binder to add visuals to my vision. Your mind always thinks in pictures and a visual board or binder is an easy way to bring visuals to your vision.

One of my favorite mindset tips is to ask myself, “What would _________(fill in the blank with the man or woman you desire to be) do?

This is the question I ask myself any time I want to make a quantum leap or massive change in my life.

This works so wonderfully because it pulls you out of your old patterns of thoughts and it challenges you to think, feel, and behave as the person you desire to become would.

It brings your vision into your life!

#4. Keep your vision close to the forefront of your mind during the day. Have it in a place that you see it on a regular basis. Start and end your day visualizing the life you would love to live.

Give yourself triggers to think of your vision. I love using something you do very regularly as a trigger, for example every time you open a door or pick something up can be a trigger to bring your vision into your mind. Tape it on a mirror or in a place you will see it daily.

#5. Start each day with 3 actions that you can do, from where you are right now, that will bring you closer to your vision. Decide in advance what these are, and write them down and cross them off your list as you complete them.

#6. Be open to the ideas and opportunities that come your way. So many times we discount the opportunities that we have worked so hard to bring into our life based on our past experiences. Stay open to new ideas!

#7. Our minds are like sponges and we adopt the thoughts and attitudes of the people we are around. Pay attention to who you spend the most time with. Are they living a life you would love to live?

It’s critical to spend time with people that are doing what you would love to do. If you are feeling stuck in life you’ll be amazed how quickly your thoughts and ideas will change when you change your environment and with this your life changes!


We would love to hear your thoughts about how you get unstuck in your life.  Leave a comment below and share your thoughts. As always please feel free to share this post with your family and friends.


To Your Life Without Limits,

Live a life without limits

Elena & Jean


P.S. We would love to share our Journal Of Discovery to help you discover, your living  journey and get unstuck in your life. Put your name and email in at the top of this page and we will send it to your inbox today.

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Loss Can Be The Catalyst That Creates Your Life

Loss Can Be The Catalyst That Creates Your Best Life

By | Personal Growth | 4 Comments

We give our experiences in life an emotional identity.

It took me time to understand that.

The events in our lives are truly neutral, it’s our thoughts that give it the powerful emotion that we connect with the experience. The event or circumstance has no meaning until we give it meaning and every event and circumstance in our life you have the power to attach positive thinking and meaning to.

I know that some of you are thinking, that’s cr*p.

Truthfully to create your best life you have to be responsible for your experiences!

Watch this video and see the power of putting time between an event and the thought or meaning you give it.

We are not always responsible for the events in our life, but we are always responsible for our view of the experience. Each experience we choose how we view it. Often we accept the thoughts that have formulated from our past experiences as fact.

I remember saying, “I can’t believe this happened to me,” over and over again after my daughter died. I didn’t understand there was a place inside mw where I got to choose my view of the experience.

When we raise our awareness of these thoughts and change them we are taking control of our life.

We move from being a victim of our past to being responsible for our life. Here is where the loss or challenging event can be the catalyst that moves us forward to create and live a life without limits!

To create your best life begin with your thoughts. Ask yourself, “How do I view my most challenging life events?”

It’s this shift in thinking that is required to take control of our lives to move past the pain, grief, guilt,  emotions that we are holding onto from our past experiences.

We would love to hear your thoughts. Leave us a comment below and as always feel free to share this post with your family and friends.


To Your Life Without Limits,

Live a life without limits

Elena & Jean

P.S. We would love to share our Journal Of Discovery to help you discover, inquire and reveal your living journey. Put your name and email in at the top of this page and we will send it to your inbox today.

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