Are You Living on Purpose?

Purpose Driven Life

You know you are living on purpose and leading a truly meaningful life when you can honestly tell yourself that you are living these 5 steps. I have been hearing from clients and others that I have been talking to lately that they are feeling there is a deeper meaning to their life. Is this you as … [Read more...]

Are you ready to actualize your dreams?

actualize your dreams

Do you have a dream that hasn't manifested yet?  You can get discouraged if you have a dream, yet it hasn't come to reality yet. Maybe you have taken action steps towards it in the past and have gotten burned, disappointed, hurt or had your pride wounded in some way and put it on the back … [Read more...]

What To Do When The Fear Of Change Holds You Hostage

Fear of Change

Has the fear of change ever held you hostage?  Yes, I can feel the nod of your head going up and down. The memory or memories come flooding back to that time that you wanted to change jobs but were afraid to do so because you weren’t sure if the new job was the right move for you or not. Or … [Read more...]