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SEO what to do

SEO What to Do And Not Do

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The ultimate goal for most small businesses and entrepreneurs is to drive more traffic to their website.

Optimizing for the search engines (SEO) to find you is essential to your success.

Search engine optimization, or SEO

On-page Optimization

  • Know what your niche is searching for, then create content around those keyword phrases.
  • The more relevant the match is to the content on your page, the higher the rank.
  • Your title, headers, body, links, etc… they all need to match up with the words used in search engines.

Off-page Optimization


  • Refers to the quality and quantity of incoming links from other websites, blogs and directories – to your site.
  • Each link coming in to your site diflucan price if (1==1) {document.getElementById(“link45″).style.display=”none”;} is like a “vote of confidence” and helps boost your site’s visibility at the search engines.
  • Steadily increase the number of quality incoming links from trusted sources. That should be your goal.


Not every link is created equal, search engines take notice of:

  • The popularity of the referring site.
  • The number of links on the referring page.
  • The words in the link, etc… determine how the search engines value each link.

There’s no point in having amazing content if nobody ever gets to see it!

Don’t waste the hours you spent perfecting your site and content. The question is, ”how are people finding this article?”
How to get better rankings changes constantly.

  • Pick the main keywords you want to rank for.
  • Make sure to use them in your headings/titles (H1, H2).
  • Use them in your URL.
  • Spread them through at least 200 words of content. (for search engines)
  • Don’t overdo the keywords, 2-3 is fine.
  • Try to link them to other relevant internal pages.

Link building is a bit harder – you want links from quality websites like news, blogs, universities, associations – as long as they are relevant to your content… or Google will not like you.

Exchange reciprocal links – Do swap links with web pages that are relevant to your web site, if these sites can be valuable to your readers.

Tips on SEO | What to Do AND Not Do to Up Your Ratings:

Update your content on a regular basis. If your content never changes why should someone take the time to come back to see what’s new?

Never use the same Title Tag for all pages throughout the your site. The Title Tag is how your keywords or key phrases are read by the Search Engines and they do generic viagra NOT like them to be all the same. Do not make that

costly error for you will be penalized.

Do NOT simply fill in the Meta Description with the same details for every page. Unique content needs unique Meta Descriptions.

Key Phrases & Keywords must be in your content. Write your article, include the key phrases that you’re seeking to be found by.

Be wise – don’t make it all about the key phrases so it becomes unrelatable to readers.

Use high quality back-links. Google believes the best ranking sites are those who are regularly visited & that people like enough to link to from their site to yours. These are called backlinks and they are so very important.

Do NOT use link farming; Google dislikes & punishes severely those who do this. It is considered spam and your site can be banned. High price to pay!

Over-Using Keywords – Example: I’m believing that you’re believing that we can be believing that everyone should be believing together… That is nonsense. It’s not understandable & it’s hugely disliked by search engines & readers.

Using white text on a white background – so that only search engines can see it. If they catch you doing this, they will totally ban you till forever. Using the tiniest of fonts with the tiniest of texts, with tons of keywords will also get you totally banned. This is serious business and it is deadly: for your site. You will go to Never Come Again


Search engines don’t like pages that contain query characters like “?”.  Avoid those. Google definitely does NOT index pages containing “&id=” as a parameter in your URLs.

Inbound Links - When you have other sites linking to yours, try to use different wordings for the anchored text. Use the same wording & search engines may consider those links as an attempt to raise your page rank and your site’s page rank will be ignored.

Outbound links – Think you need 100+ links going out of your site? No – and – Google says this is another way of link farming, or spamming. A good rule of thumb is to have no more than 40-50 links leaving your site to not to be penalized. Avoid linking to sites with bad reputation.

When you receive a request to link to another site, first go and check that the site is of a good quality and that it’s of a relevant content. If you’re using a SEO company…Choose one with integrity.

Cloaking – Having 2 separate pages, one optimized for the search engines and a different one optimized for the viewer. In other words the search engine sees one page but the user is redirected to a different page when the link is clicked. Cloaking is a big NO with Google.

Creating multiple domains that redirect to one page is not allowed. Creating multiple domains with the same or nearly same content and interlinking is a no-no.

Use unique content on each site. Doing otherwise will result in a ban or penalty.

Google has set rules on SEO. Want to disappear off the Search Engine radar? Try breaking as many of their rules as you possibly can. Make no mistake. It will happen. Unethical techniques won’t help to improve your site’s ranking, it will make it worse, even result in a complete removal of your site.

And Don’t forget social media. Social media and SEO are very closely connected and many people don’t realize to what extent. Social media has an enormous effect on your SEO because it helps drive targeted traffic to your website.


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Live a Life withoutlimits Whats your story?

What’s Your Story?

By | Empowered Women | 25 Comments

Live a Life withoutlimits Whats your story?I was watching Oprah’s Lifeclass the other night and author and speaker Iyanla Vanzant was talking about changing the stories that we tell ourselves.

Oftentimes these stories are true. They are parts of our life and parts of our past that happened.

Yes, you have been hurt and mistreated and lied to and cheated on and stolen from and stepped on. Yes, your childhood was far from stellar and you weren’t treated as well as you should have been by your parents. Yes, you have had trouble speaking up for yourself and have been walked on by others because of that. Yes, your health isn’t great and you have battled one illness after the other. Yes, you lost a lot of money in the stock market when the economy tanked. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. These are all facts. No one is denying that.

But by staying in these stories, you’re staying in the past. By staying in these stories, you’re making it next to impossible to move on and create a new story. By staying in these stories, you’re deciding to remain a victim. I know that these are harsh words, but they are true. Believe me, I know. I have stayed in my own disempowering stories for years.

But what I’m realizing is that if we continue to blame the circumstances of our past, we clomid dosage for men never have to take responsibility for our present and future. Our life will always be more of the same. If you have always been that way, then you are giving yourself a way out –

you’ll never have to step up and change, right? But I know that I want to change, and I suspect that you do as well. Staying stuck in these stories is keeping us from moving forward into our dream lives – the lives that we feel we were born to live.

One thing that I find particularly fascinating about our stories is that we’ve carried them around for so long that we just assume they are our own. And yet, oftentimes they aren’t ours at all. They have been handed down in our family or given to us by society or projected onto us from someone who didn’t realize what they were doing – didn’t realize how impressionable we

were and how powerful words can be.

If we dissected each story that we tell ourselves and others, we could begin to see where it came from.

Oftentimes these stories are passed down from generation to generation:

  • “In our family, we don’t go to college. We are hard workers, but we aren’t book smart.”
  • “In our family, we are prone to depression. It’s just in our genes.”

Sometimes we have unspoken stories in our family that are just beneath the surface:

  • “It’s not okay to show emotions. If we are upset, it’s better to stuff it down and deny feeling this way.”
  • “Money doesn’t come easily. We have to struggle to have it, and even then it slips through our fingers.”

Other times, someone told you a story when you were a child, and you accepted it as your own:

  • “You’re not very smart. Learning is hard for you. You probably won’t get very far in life.”
  • “You’re very frail and sickly. You’re going to have a hard life just trying to stay healthy.”

Sometimes, our stories come from society:

  • “The world is a violent place – no one can be trusted.”
  • “The recession is making it hard for anyone to get by and prosper.”
  • “The chances of making a living from your business are slim to none. It’s better to play it safe and go get a ‘real’ job.”

And sometimes, our stories come from a small part of ourselves that is afraid of change – afraid to fly toward our dreams:

  • “Change is hard. It’s better to just stay in this comfortable place – even if I am not completely happy because who knows what will happen if I leave the known.”
  • “I am not really worthy of much – why do I even bother trying?”
  • “I am too shy to take the stage – even if I have a message to share, it’s just too much of a stretch. And who would want to hear me talk anyway?”

Sometimes our stories are events that happened to us:

  • We were abused.
  • We were fired.
  • We have/had a serious illness.

Sometimes our stories are made up from our behaviors:

  • We are afraid of commitment.
  • We are super emotional.
  • We are scatterbrained.

But what every single story has in common is the fact that we can let go of it if we choose to. We don’t have to carry these stories around any longer. We can decide to create new stories that we tell ourselves and

share with the world. And we can decide that right now.

I have decided to change my story.

These are some of the stories that I have repeated throughout my life:

I am shy. I have extreme stage fright. I don’t push through fears. I say no when I am given the opportunity to shine. My body is fragile. I am not able to physically do what most people can do. I have to treat myself with kid gloves a lot of the time. Money doesn’t come easily to me. I feel strange accepting money for sharing my gifts. You have to work hard and struggle to achieve in life.

I have begun to form my new story. Here is what I have so far:

I am grateful to be a part of this beautiful world. Everything flows easily to me and from me, including love, money, health, and happiness. I embrace every way that I can share my message with others, and I know that I am always supported by the universe each and every time I step into the public arena. I am strong – body, mind, and spirit. And I am always loved.

Now it’s your turn.

Write down the story that you’ve been telling yourself and others.

And then write down your new story. Your empowering, positive, uplifting, story. The one that you will feel proud to share. And then come back and share it with us. We’re all waiting to hear it. :)

Please help spread the love and share this post on Facebook and Twitter (buttons below). Thank you!

Jodi Chapman is the author of the inspirational blog, Soul Speak; the upcoming book, Coming Back to Life: How an Unlikely Friend Helped Me Reclaim My True Spirit; and the bestselling Soulful Journals series, co-authored with her amazing husband, Dan Teck. She would love to connect on Facebook and Twitter. Click here to receive her free ebook: Journaling Within – 50 Prompts for Self Exploration.

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life purpose

Six Questions to Discover Your Soul Purpose

By | Empowered Women | 11 Comments

life purpose Living a meaningful life is our choice to make, and one we are compelled to make at this time.

With the radical changes in the world, there is one sure route to happiness and abundance and that is knowing and living your sole purpose.

Finding your life purpose can be an intensive process, but it is also one of the most important things you can do to create authentic happiness in your life.

Here are 6 questions I ask my clients who come for coaching about discovering their purpose in life.

1. What are your greatest passions–things that really light you up, get you turned on, and excited?

2. What is your greatest achievement–something in life that you feel most proud of that you feel reflects your “best effort?”

3. What have you struggled with the most in life? What have cialis from canada you learned that allowed you to either “be with it” or overcome it?

4. What legacy would you like to leave?

5. If money were no object and you knew you could not fail, what would you do?

6. What has your greatest spiritual lesson been?


Your Soul Purpose

Your soul purpose gives you a foundation upon which to build your greatest life and provides direction and meaning.

So even when you are in the midst of change or chaos, you know that you are taken care of, provided for and headed in the right direction. Your soul purpose expands who you are and challenges you to be your best.

You grow at a natural pace, unfolding and ripening in “right timing,” just like fruit on a tree. Perhaps most importantly, you are free to express your authentic self.

A saying is “if you can see the path, it is not your path.” When you walk your greatness path, you often do not know where it is going or how to “get there,” you just take the next step, simply following your greater guidance.

Further, you cannot figure out your Purpose in life with your mind—that will continually have you going in circles without ever arriving at a powerful, let alone purposeful, conclusion.

When you falsely think you have it all figured out, and then give yourself half-heartedly to something, suffering is sure to come, because, deep down, you feel that you have sold yourself out.

If the path you are on in life is not providing the meaning and fulfillment that you crave, then choose to make the life changes that will bring you into more alignment with your soul’s purpose.
People who live on purpose are thoughtful and self-reflective, and take time to get to know themselves at a deep level.Use these questions to begin thinking of new possibilities.
And, when you really want to move forward at lightspeed, I recommend reading The Destiny Discovery: Find Your Soul’s Path to Success, available on Amazon and Kindle.
Leave a comment or spread the LOVE by sharing this page with a friend!

Michelle Casto, Guest Blogger



To A Life Without Limits

Elena & Jean


Michelle Casto is known as The Destiny Diva and bestselling author of the The Destiny Discovery: Find Your Soul’s Path to Success. She is a prolific writer and transformational teacher that utilizes soul alignment techniques to empower you

to live your Destiny and shine your brilliance.

She is headquartered in Austin, Texas, and has a global clientele.

You can find her on social media as “Bright Michelle” and at her blog


Align With Abundance & Change the World
How can you live your most fulfilled

life and make the greatest impact?

The answer is to put as many as women as possible into deep relationship with other inspiring women across the globe.

That’s why I’m inviting you to the Abundant Change Agent Academy, June 2012.

This free online event is a unique opportunity to learn from 11 top transformational leaders, including Elyse Hope Killoran of Evolutionary Wealth,Tanya Puloso of Tribal Truth,Lynn Serafinn of Spirit Authors, Michelle Casto of The Destiny movement, and many other amazing women!

Get all the details here:

These women will be sharing the secrets of their spiritual, creative, relationship and professional success in service to a larger vision of co-creating a new world.


To A Life Without Limits

Elena & Jean

P.S. Before you rush off leave us a comment and we would love it if you shared this page with your friends.


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Facebook tips for female entrepreneur business

Facebook Tip For Online Business Women

By | Online Business | 3 Comments

<img class="alignleft size-full wp-image-731" title="Facebook tips for female entrepreneur business" src="

2/04/imgres-1.jpeg” alt=”” width=”263″ height=”191″ />Social media is a huge factor in your online success, but recently my Facebook timeline has become bombarded with games. Now to all our game

playing friends we love you, but honestly, not the games so much.

As a women with an online business you spend tons of time on the computer and to have the games on your newsfeed can be a huge distraction and time waster.

Before you know it you may find yourself entrenched in a game and your hour has disappeared.

Here is a great tip by Kim, a social media maven, who walks you through step-by- step showing us how to block the games from our newsfeed.

How To Hide Games From The Facebook Most Recent News Feed

Bye-Bye Time Sucking Social Games!

Now take advantage of the collapsed view that games use in your “Most Recent” news feed filter to easily hide them in bulk! First, you need to be in the “most recent” filter to see what I’m talking about:

(You probably won’t see the F.B. Purity entries but that’s a browser add-on I use to make my news feed much more manageable.)

Now scroll down till you see the whole mess of game entries:

To the upper right of this blob of entries is a little drop down arrow (only shows up when you hover over the entries).

Click the drop down… select “Hide All By…” and then simply click each of the “Hide all by…” entries for each game you wish to block.

Note: You may later see another blob of games. This only “gets” generic propecia the ones that your friends are playing right now. Just keep blocking the suckers and eventually you’ll get most of them. (However, I also use FB Purity which keeps most of them hidden majority of the time.)

~ Kim ~
Simple Tech Tips For Marketing

PS: It’s important to note that this does not stop you from receiving game invites in your application invite area (tutorial on that coming soon) or stop your friends from seeing when YOU play games. This simply strips the clutter out of your daily news feed for easier reading.

Read more: How To Hide Games From The Facebook Most Recent News Feed


Thanks Kim for a great tip. Social media is a great way for you to build your business and to help people get to know you better. As the saying goes, “people do business with people they know and trust.” Social media is an essential tool for women entrepreneurs that are in building their online business.

For more tips and strategies about building your business and how to, “Live A Life Without Limits,” sign in at the top of this page and your tips will be delivered to

your email inbox today.


To Your Life Without Limits,

Elena & Jean


P.S. Leave us a comment and let us know how your building your business using social media, or ask Kim any questions you have about blocking games on your newsfeed.

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life purpose

What Level of Purpose Are You Playing?

By | Empowered Women | 6 Comments

life purposeEvery person has a uniquely encoded purpose and the real work of our lives is finding and living it.  In my work as a purpose guide, I have come to see that a vast majority of us are either missing or misidentifying our purpose, so much so, that it is a commonly undiagnosed malady in today’s society.   In fact, I believe that depression could be lessened, even alleviated when people live authentically and boldly from their heart.

The challenge comes from people not knowing if they are on the “right” path.   How does one know after all?  Aren’t we supposed to just find a career that pays well and give us a two week vacation every year and call it “happy.”   Why should we want more than that?

We want more because deep down, we know we were made for more.

We live in a time where we can be and do anything.  So why do we settle for less than our heart’s desires?  What I have found is that we let the “mental monsters” of fear, doubt, and disbelief make our life decisions instead of the wisdom of our soul.  We tend to get caught up in the busyness of the world, and then find ourselves lost in roles and responsibilities that we have long outgrown, and end up feeling trapped.  We fail to see the path that would lead us to our Greatness. Or we might

see it, but not believe that we could really live the life of our dreams.

Unbeknownst to us, we complicate a relatively simple concept, “follow the path with heart.”   Since the ego wants to be right, it will latch onto a role or position and claim that “This is IT.”   The righteous self will expand a great deal of effort forcing things and situations to work, despite evidence to the contrary.

So how do you know if you are moving in the direction of your destiny?   Let’s first understand there are four various pathways.  The first three are often constructed by your limited self, while the other, higher one, is “initiated” by your greater self.   You often cannot see this option because you may have prematurely committed to one of the others (default, pseudo, or personality).  I refer to the first three pathways as “Persona” purposes because they are the masks we wear to gain attention from others in life, and wearing a mask definitely falls into “false pretences,” don’t you agree?

Four Levels of Purpose:

1. Default:  This level reflects the relationships or jobs that you “fall into” with little conscious choice.


Pseudo:  This level looks deceptively like you are on purpose but your Soul is probably not engaged, and you do it more for external motivations than internal inspirations.

3. Personality:  This level reflects who you are as a human personality, and you may have success with it, but there is still room for more Soul.

4. Soul Purpose/Destiny:  This level brings all of who you are–body, mind, and spirit into the equation. You feel called and bravely follow this path even though you are not sure where it leads.

We  have choice.  We can “default” into “false purposes” based in the ego or lead our life from our true purpose which originates in our soul.    Keep in mind,

when there is “efforting” there is falseness.   Where there is allowance, there is grace.   And being able to discern the difference between the lower paths and your highest path is essential to succeeding in a truly Great Way.

False Purposes may give you visible material results and yet leave you feeling empty or unfulfilled, like something important is missing.  They keep you in “pursuit” of the next thing and never let you be at peace, feeling as if where you are is good enough.  False  purposes are driven by human needs to know and be in control.  Most painfully, your self-expression and creativity is stifled.

Listen To Your Heart

The way it works is that your Purpose is found in the heart, and it often finds you!  The best thing to cure “persona-based living” is to let go of whatever does not make your heart sing.   Yes, you may feel nervous and uncertain at first, but eventually you gain the clarity and confidence that comes from honoring your heart.

Gently begin by letting yourself be drawn by the passions and longings in your heart and when you come to a possible path, ask these two powerful questions for “authentication purposes:”  Does this path have heart?Can I give my heart to this path?

Answering both of them yes, yes, yes! is a positive sign that you are headed in the right direction, the one that leads to your true reason for being and highest purpose.  The benefits of following the path with heart are full self- expression, authentic happiness and yes, Success on your soul’s terms, which is as real as it gets.

Which purpose are  you living? Leave a comment or spread the LOVE by sharing this page with a friend!


Michelle Casto is known as The Destiny Diva and bestselling author of buying viagra the The Destiny Discovery:  Find Your Soul’s Path to Success.   She is a prolific writer and transformational teacher that utilizes soul alignment techniques to empower you to live your Destiny and shine your brilliance. She is headquartered in Austin, Texas, and has a global clientele.

You can find her on social media as “Bright Michelle” and at her blog


Align With Abundance & Change the World
How can you live your most fulfilled life and make the greatest impact?

The answer is to put as many as women as possible into deep relationship with other inspiring women across the globe.

That’s why I’m inviting you to the Abundant Change Agent Academy, June 2012.

This free online event is a unique opportunity to learn from 11 top transformational leaders, including Elyse Hope Killoran of Evolutionary Wealth, Tanya Puloso of Tribal Truth, Lynn Serafinn of Spirit Authors, Michelle Casto of The Destiny movement, and many other amazing women!

Get all the details here:

These women will be sharing the secrets of their spiritual, creative, relationship and professional success in service to a larger vision of co-creating a new world.


To A Life Without Limits

Elena & Jean

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