You Make A Difference In The World!

make a difference, live a life without limits

  “God tell her I’m sorry. Tell her I love her.” Two doctors stood in the doorway. Arms crossed, noticeably uncomfortable, they gazed at the floor. We’re sorry he said. He paused and looked up at me and then away again. “We did everything we could, it just wasn’t enough to save … [Read more...]

Your Struggles May Actually Be Your Greatest Gifts

your struggles may be your gifts

I’m sitting here with the Christmas music playing and feeling the love of the Christmas season and I can’t help but think back to the times that I thought my future would never have the joy, love,  or awesomeness in it. It’s amazing how much our lives can change from what we thought it would be … [Read more...]

Death Of A Loved One

death of a loved one

At some point in our lives we all experience some type of loss. I recently have shared the story about the death of my daughter and since then have had a lot of questions asking how did I move past the grief and loss.   During part of a recent conversation, a woman was struggling with … [Read more...]

What Kind Of Stories Are You Telling Yourself?

What Kind Of Stories Are You Telling Yourself?

      We all tell ourselves stories, some are true and some are not. What kind of stories are you telling yourself? Don't feel bad, as we all tell ourselves  at least a couple of stories that are not true. I am sure that some of the stories that you are telling … [Read more...]

How To Move Forward In Life

courage to let go of the guilt

We all have experiences in life that can literally stop our lives dead in its tracks. Recently I have shared my life experience about my daughter’s death and the response I’ve gotten has been huge with emails and questions about how to move forward in life.   I recorded this video after … [Read more...]