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7 Tips to Consistently Grow Your Small Business

7 Tips to Consistently Grow Your Small Business

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While we would all love a get rich quick scheme that actually worked, the truth is that for entrepreneurs, consistency is key.

Showing up, doing the work, and doing it well is the only way to grow sustainably and ensure that you can continue to be your own boss long term.

However, for many women entrepreneurs, it’s not that simple, is it? You have lots of other commitments, possibly including children and a spouse, you have financial obligations and contracts to fulfill each month, and you have meetings and requirements for your time that all pull away from your ability to focus on growth and strategy.

These are 7 ways to grow your business with persistence without sucking up all of your time, money, and energy.

  1. Schedule time for the big picture regularly. Pick a time on your calendar weekly where you can sit down, undisturbed by distractions, and think about where you’re going and what actions you need to take to get there.
  2. Know your finances. By getting a firm grip on your expenses, profit margins, and cash flow, you’ll know where you should focus your time, energy, and investments.
  3. Set macro goals and micro plans. Many entrepreneurs feel bogged down by marketing plans. They tend to be big and unwieldy and change-resistant. Instead, try making small action plans for today or this week that work toward the larger goals you set during your big picture planning time that we talked about in Tip 1.
  4. Enable your team to help you grow. If you have contractors or employees, think of them as assets to help you either multiply your growth or stunt your growth. The choice is yours. Communicate to team members that you want them to help you spot areas where you can improve or grow, and then give them incentives to help you reach your goals.
  5. Encourage repeat customers. It’s common knowledge that people who have bought from you in the past are much more likely to buy again from you in the future. And yet, many of my clients aren’t focused on nurturing those relationships because they are already thinking about getting the next customer or client. Have a protocol to offer them VIP packages or one-on-one services regularly because engaging them is key to your sustainable growth.
  6. Keep learning. Successful business owners take time regularly for filling in their knowledge gaps and continuing to get smarter about running their companies. Whether it’s taking an online course, working with a coach, or attending a conference, keep investing in yourself.
  7. Change directions consistently. While showing up and doing the work everyday is the most important thing, if you don’t have the right strategy, you might as well be hitting your head against the wall over and over again. During your regularly scheduled planning time, take a look at where you might need to change course. This does not mean reinventing your whole business model. Simply pinpoint what’s not enabling growth and fix it. Then fix it again if you need to until it works.

By implementing these simple tips, you’re going to feel a shift in both your stress level and the level of growth you have the ability to achieve.

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To your life without limits,


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5 Ways to Feel in Control During Tax Season

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For many entrepreneurs, taxes are scary. You don’t want to be audited, it’s tough to get answers to your questions, you’re afraid of how much you’re going to owe, and the bottom line is… this stuff is not why you started your business in the first place.

However, if you want to keep your business and keep making money, it’s absolutely essential you get smart about taxes. By taking a few simple steps, you can feel knowledgeable and in control when tax time rolls around.

  1. Know the tax structure for your type of small business. Most small businesses fall into one of the following categories, each of which has its own tax forms and considerations. These link to the IRS forms for each:
  1. Make Bookkeeping a Priority Throughout the Year. Just by keeping regular track of income and expenses, you take half the stress and headache out of taxes. Use online bookkeeping software to make it easy on yourself like Freshbooks or QuickBooks. If you keep books on your computer, make sure you back up regularly.
  1. Be prepared with quarterly estimated tax payments. Sole proprietors, partnerships, S corporation shareholders, and self-employed individuals, are required to make estimated tax payments if you expect to owe $1,000 or more in taxes when you file your return. After estimating the amount you will owe for the year, and dividing that into four separate payments, you file electronically in April, June, September and January, in addition to your annual filing the following April.
  1. Get employees and contractors ready. First you’ll need to know whether you have employees or contractors. If you have any of either, you must have an Employer Identification Number, and your contractor must have completed and filed a Form W-9. Set those up at the start of a contract relationship when you have them sign your agreement, so that it’s in place before the end of the tax year. Then, you’ll need to file a Form 1099-MISC (in most cases) for contractors.

Read more about taxes when it comes to employees.

  1. Keep track of business expenses. By simply keeping records and receipts for the cost of goods sold, your capital expenses and your personal expenses for business purposes, you’ll be ready to zoom through everyone’s favorite part of filing taxes – your deductions! Try one of the handy apps out there for keeping receipts like Shoeboxed. Remember to keep those files for at least three years in case of an audit.

Taking these five steps, you’re taking nearly all the stress out of taxes. You’ll feel prepared and know what you’re getting yourself into before tax season arrives.

If you’re still stressed by accounting, record keeping, or taxes, you can always contact me. I’m here to help you achieve financial success!

To your life without limits,


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Transitioning with Openness & Honesty

Transitioning & Embracing Change With Openness & Honesty

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Transitioning with Openness & HonestyMid-May. A time for HUGE transitions ::: college students moving home, students graduating and moving into jobs, people getting married, couples buying their first homes together, the list goes on. Spring is quite simply the perfect time of year for change. In fact, it’s when nature itself is awakening and blooming; almost urging you along with every spring rain and budding flower.

And while change is inevitable and is always happening – moments like this can feel overwhelming, terrifying, and down right hard.

Hard because with a new situation comes new fears, new challenges, new expectations, hopes, plans and dreams. Hard because you’re familiar and comfortable with the old way, the old place, the old situation. Hard because change forces us to grow, to stretch ourselves a little farther, to think differently, to see things in a new light, sometimes it even requires a leap of faith with no net to catch you.

Growth comes with growing pains.

But during those moments of fear and struggle you have the chance, the ability, to surrender to change. To let go of the past, of expectations, of limiting beliefs. To open your heart, mind and body to this new adventure.To learn something new, to go somewhere different, to let your true self shine a bit brighter.

It’s in your power to embrace the process and the possibilities that come with change.

When you do open up to the transition – to embrace change – wondrous things can happen. Suddenly things can just fall into place. Opportunities can arise that you never expected. Connections can be made that lead to new and exciting relationships.

Embracing change requires an open heart to trust, an open mind to believe, an open soul to surrender.

Fighting change. Holding onto the old ways. Terrified of moving forward. All of this resistance eats up your energy and sends out a message to the world that you’re not willing to accept what it is offering you. Living stuck in place is like having your eyes closed, your hands in fists, and feet cemented into the ground – you’re inable to see clearly, to accept anything and you can’t move.

So what’s the first step to Embracing change?

Being honest about how you’re feeling, with yourself and others. Telling people that you’re scared/excited/nervous about this next step.

By admitting how you are truly feeling you can own and accept the situation, the transition, the change.

By sharing that experience with others you can find freedom from your restraints, clarity in your direction, and confidence in your actions.

Being honest takes a lot of courage and strength, but the more you open up the easier it becomes. It’s easy to feel like you have to fight the world alone but friends and family members are in your life to support and love you.

Faced with change? Be honest by opening up to yourself and others, and you may just find that everything will fall into place and you”ll be embracing  change! 

undefinedErin is known for her radiant energy, bright smile and willingness to get real.

As a writer, life coach and Reiki Guide Erin is dedicated to supporting people in their journey to find clarity, direction and happiness. After moving past her own barriers to happiness she knew that she could help others though the same mindful yet bold approach she used to create a joyful, engaging life. 

She believes in the importance of community, connection, compassion, and a good cup of coffee. 

Connect with her at Creative Soul in, through Twitter, and Facebook.

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Breathe, Reconnect, Think... Then Respond

Create Your Life With What You Already Have

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live a life without limits healthy lifestyleThere are laws or understandings about life that once you “get them” and you begin to apply and live by them and you begin to create the life you want.

It’s easy for you to know who “get’s it” and who doesn’t.  If your always a victim to your past or your current situation then you will never have the ability to change your life and create the life you dream of, or desire.

See when we play the role of victim we sound something like this, “I will when I have more______(time, money, skill, education, etc.).

Or something like, “let me tell you what my _______(husband, mother, father, employer, economy, government, etc.) did to me.

Whenever we approach life as a victim we are not taking responsibility for our life.

We can never dodge responsibility for our own life and still be creating our best life.

You are responsible for your life.

Only you can create your life of your dreams!

Every choice we make including the thoughts we think – especially the thoughts we think have consequences!

Our thoughts either keep us as a victim or they help us to create a life we would love.

Your thoughts are always the beginning to you creating the life you love or keeping you stuck in old patterns of behavior. It always starts first with the thought, and being aware of the results the thoughts are bringing.

Your thoughts create your life.

There is always a payoff for your thoughts. The payoff can be positive or negative.

Old thoughts and beliefs hang on tight to maintain the status “as is.” Old beliefs will always come up with tons of “proof” to support themselves. The bills on the counter, poor health, whatever it is your old patterns will fight to prove that it is based on reality instead of past history. Past history is nothing more then that – the past!

There is a huge danger in believing the past thoughts or events are more then the past. There is a huge danger in believing they are facts. These old beliefs have to be truly challenged in order to create a new perspective.

Your past history has nothing to do with your present or future! You have the power to choose and change at any time. You create your life every moment of every day!

Be honest about your life. We can’t change what we don’t acknowledge.  If you want to create a life you would love you have to be honest with yourself with what needs to be fixed or changed.

Take some time to really discover what a life that you would REALLY LOVE would look like. Know where you want to go!

The next step is to start taking action. Nothing changes until you start to take the steps towards creating the life you would love.

You don’t have to know the “how” but you do have to start with where you are right now, and with what you have right now. And take the steps to creating a life you would love.

Be committed to the change. This will require you dig deep inside yourself and pull out every ounce of courage and faith you have to hang on strong and be unwavering to your thoughts, dreams, and goals!

We would love to share our Journal Of Discovery to help you discover, enquire and reveal your living journey. Put your name and email in at the top of this page and we will send it to your inbox today.


To Your Life Without Limits,

Live a life without limits

Elena & Jean


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Are Your Limiting Beliefs Holding You Back?

Are Your Limiting Beliefs Holding You Back?

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  Are Your Limiting Beliefs Holding You Back?
We all have limiting beliefs at some time or another.

Are yours holding you back?

A limiting belief is something that we believe in whether it is true or not. It is a belief that stops us from living our full potential, our life without limits.

As children we started to have limiting beliefs. Someone may have told us that we were never going to amount to anything or that we weren’t smart, etc.

You get the picture!

Unless you remove those limiting beliefs and realize that they no longer have any purpose or in some cases they never did, they are holding you back.

Here are some simple steps that you can do to remove them once and for all. After all, you can’t grow to your full potential, if you are still believing in them.


Steps On Removing Your Limiting Beliefs:


1.)  Does It Serve Any Purpose:

Ask yourself whatever the limiting belief that you are having, does it serve any purpose?

Most of the time it never did and it certainly doesn’t now!

I recently helped a client with a limiting belief. They know in their heart that they are a good person, but because of something that they did in the past that seems to comes up from time to time, it makes them question if they really are.

So what I did was to ask them, “At the time that you did or did not do something that makes you feel like you are not a good person, with the knowledge that you had at the time or what you thought was to be true, did you do the best that you could given the circumstances?” Of course, their answer was yes, but sometimes that doesn’t make us feel any better. I told them that they had to love and  forgive themselves even more.

2.)  Stack Reasons Why That Limiting Belief Is Not True:

I then instructed them to start stacking why they are a good person. I suggested at the end of the day that they write down three things that they did that made them feel that they were a good person during the day.

By stacking the opposite of whatever that limiting belief is, so in this case it was why they are a good person, when that little voice of self doubt tries to get louder and louder, eventually they won’t hear it.

This helps in getting rid of that limiting belief once and for all.

3.)  Get Into The Feeling:

By this I mean, get into the feeling of no longer having that limiting belief.

How does it feel?

It should give you a sense of freedom. You should now feel like you can really soar to that next wonderful Extraordinary level of your life.

Whenever you feel that limiting belief trying to slip back into your life, do all three of these steps.

On a positive note, I got a text from my client the next day that they felt so empowered after our session and that it helped them to make a very rewarding decision.

You deserve to have the very best in life. Unfortunately, you can’t have it if you are holding on to limiting beliefs that no longer serve you. I soooooooo Believe in YOU!

Please share below how you get rid of any limiting beliefs, thanks!


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