3 Simple Steps to Make Money in Your Business


You’ve been giving it the old “college try” yet are still unable to really make money from your business.  What do you do? Decide to fold and get a job? Keep limping along, blaming the economy?  Or do you choose different? Many of the businesses I work with find themselves in this … [Read more...]

Female Entrepreneur Karie Hill Shares 3 Secrets to Charging What You’re Worth & Attracting Clients Who Love to Pay

Karie Hill interview

We are excited to wrap up our interview series this week with a very inspiring and successful female entrepreneur expert in the, “For The Women Who Wants It All: How To Live A Life Without Limits FREE Video Summit.” We have brought 21 female entrepreneur experts together to share … [Read more...]

Challenges For Entrepreneurs & Online Business Owners Include A Tax Audit


Tax audits are on the rise, especially for the Schedule C sole proprietor, which is what most small online business owner and entrepreneurs are. One of the top challenges for entrepreneurs and online business owners is preparing for a tax audit. Getting ready for an IRS tax audit is tedious, … [Read more...]

Successful Women Entrepreneurs Don’t Waste Time On Things That Don’t Make Money

successful women enterepreneurs

I hear so often when talking to women entrepreneurs that are getting started in their online business, that they are, “spending countless hours on their business and not making any money.” I have to admit this has become a little of a pet peeve of mine. If you’re going to be a successful … [Read more...]

Women And Money: Practical Tips For Keeping Track Of Your Money


All women are looking for financial freedom and peace of mind. It’s a driving force for women entrepreneurs, but all businesses take some time and hard work to get off the ground. Well at least ours did, and we have not met any entrepreneurs yet that have told us that their success was fast or … [Read more...]