Baby Boomer Business Owners Top 3 Books To Read This Summer

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One of the things we love about summer is sitting on the beach or poolside with a good book. We love to read and we love continuing to learn about business and for me, as a baby boomer business owner it’s important to constantly learn and develop new skills. So today, sitting poolside, I … [Read more...]

Baby Boomer Women Are Hit Hard By Todays Economy

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Today’s economy is hitting boomer women hard. As a boomer woman I am watching some of my girlfriends really struggle. Some have gotten caught in the downsizing and others have watched a huge chunk of their retirement savings get eaten up by the stock market drop, and still some baby boomer women … [Read more...]

Women Baby Boomer Entrepreneurs

Baby boomer women entrepreneurs

More women than ever are starting a business with baby boomers being the largest group of new entrepreneurs. As a baby boomer myself and having spent 30 years in the health care industry one of the questions I get asked is why start a business now? Women baby boomer entrepreneurs start their … [Read more...]