Getting Results

Holly Rigsby MB Push Up

At the start of the New Year there is renewed Motivation with the hopes that THIS will be "YOUR Year"! The year you finally get back in shape, lose some weight, take better care of yourself finally feel good about yourself again. Unfortunately, by the end of January only 60% are still maintaining … [Read more...]

A Newbie’s Guide to Juicing

juice 2

As a vegetarian the majority of my diet is made up of fruits and vegetables, but a couple months ago I realized that I wasn’t getting a lot of variety in my diet. In fact, my meals lacked a lot of color as I love to eat greens so I pile them on my plate but I’m not a huge salad or raw veggie fan so … [Read more...]

How To Change Your Thoughts To Give Meaning To The Loss

change your thoughts

Our biggest transformations are almost always these tiny little micro adjustments in thought. I LOVE THAT. Let me explain. Nobody gets through life without experiencing some form of loss. For me it was the painful experience of my daughter dying. It may be a death, divorce, cancer or the … [Read more...]

Do You Have The Courage To Keep Living Your Life?

live your life to the fullest

We all have a calling that is inside us, nudging us to move forward on our life journey. Whether it’s a calling to improve your health, your finances, your relationships, your spirituality, freedom, or travel. Whatever it is we are all on a journey that is constantly moving and calling us to keep … [Read more...]

To Sandy Hook Elementary School And Newtown Connecticut We Send Our Love

Sandy hook elementary school Newtown Connecticut

To all the wonderful people of Sandy Hook Elementary School and Newtown Connecticut we send our loving thoughts and prayers.   Looking back at the first few days after my daughter passed away I remember being surrounded by friends and family all supporting us with their love. This past … [Read more...]