How to Improve Your Friendships

how to improve friendships

Let's be honest ::: as you get older friends tend to take the back seat as family, work and other responsibilities rise to the top of your priorities. It’s easier to cancel on a shopping trip with a friend then it is to skip your child’s school play or ignore the oil change light on your car. And … [Read more...]


self love

Valentine’s Day is peering around the corner, but tell tale seeds of this “holiday” began sprouting immediately after the Christmas decorations were removed from their 75% off racks. The requisite hearts and flowers are found sprinkled throughout drugstores, grocery stores, retail outlets, even gas … [Read more...]

Getting Results

Holly Rigsby MB Push Up

At the start of the New Year there is renewed Motivation with the hopes that THIS will be "YOUR Year"! The year you finally get back in shape, lose some weight, take better care of yourself finally feel good about yourself again. Unfortunately, by the end of January only 60% are still maintaining … [Read more...]


new year new you

It's a New Year, it's a New You, it's a New everything, Or is it?  It's that time of year when everyone heads to the gym to begin their new regimen. The airwaves are filled with commercials touting the latest in weight loss promotions from all the usual suspects. It's enough to make anyone want … [Read more...]

7 Holiday Survival Tips For Busy Women


Worried About Getting Through The Holidays? “What is your biggest fitness challenge during the holiday season?” You shared ~ I Listened! After browsing through more than 500 responses submitted for this survey question, I made a list of the most common challenges and created a list of 7 … [Read more...]