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We are Jeanmarie Bills, and Elena J Forbes, your mother daughter, Transformation Coaching Team.

We are the Queens of Transformation!

We show you how with the right knowledge that you are able to surpass your circumstances and believe in the greatest possibility of You!

We are here to help you make some real changes in your life, to honor what has happened, that has made you who you are today and to grow through your experiences.

We are here for you to support you in your journey as you learn to trust that you have within you all the courage you need, to rise up and to get moving!

As you move along your path you will begin to find your purpose and the desire to step out beyond who you believe you are right now and what you currently believe is possible.

It is a process, and we will show you how it is possible to LIVE AGAIN and not only LIVE AGAIN, but live without regrets.

Why are we so passionate about helping you create your “life without limits?”


Elena’s Story

Sometimes God, as we call the power of the universe, has a different path or plan for us, one we just could never have imagined.

I had no idea how my life was about to change.

Let me explain.

The day my husband, Bobby went to play basketball to raise money for a charity, he tore his Achilles tendon. The tendon on the back of his ankle. No big deal we thought, he’ll have surgery, a few weeks in a cast, a little physical therapy and he’ll be as good as new.

Surgery day went as planned, he was home by noon.

But a few days later things changed, he started to complain that it was hard for him to breathe and that his leg was going numb. He was rushed back to the hospital and in a few short hours he was back in surgery.

This time to remove a large blood clot that had developed in his leg. He spent the next week in the ICU and having multiple surgeries to take care of multiple blood clots that had spread throughout his body and the complications that they had caused.

He spent a week in the ICU and then more time in a regular hospital room before he was able to come home. The day he came home from the hospital the second time, we thought we were blessed and that his life had been saved.

My husband Bobby had only been home for a few short days when he developed another large blood clot. This time we were not, “so fortunate,” The blood clot was large and had gone into his lung.

This time we could not save him.

So why do we share our story with you?

Like all life changing events, Bobby’s death caused me to evaluate my life and my life purpose.

One of the biggest lessons I learned was how truly precious life is and how short it can be. I learned about strength and courage that I never knew I had.

My life with Bobby has left me with memories I will cherish forever. I truly believe that we all have desires in our heart that are meant to be manifested now.

I encourage you to look into your heart, to trust that you have everything within you, to rediscover your dreams and build the life you desire, to not only live again but to ‘live a life without limits.”

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Jean’s Story

My life changed the day my daughter died. God tell her I’m sorry. 

As the back doors of the ambulance closed I struggled to catch a glimpse of her face. I was looking for some sort of reassurance that she would be OK.

You see I was the mother of 3 kids and the youngest, her name is Serena, she was a whirlwind of energy. It was five in the evening and I was cooking dinner when I noticed the house had gotten quiet. I wiped off my hands and thought to myself, “what the heck is she up to.”

My youngest Serena was a whirlwind, full of energy, and curious about everything. She had blond curly hair with big blue eyes, and she was as cute as a button. But, she was always on the move and a quiet house was never normal for us.

When I passed the front door and saw it was partially open, my heart sank, and immediately panic set in.

Have you ever had that happen when all of a sudden you know something scary as h*ll is happening, your heart stops, and your stomach becomes a tight knot?

One moment I’m cooking dinner and the next, I’m seeing Serena face down in our small garden Koi pond.

An hour later I am in the emergency room bargaining with God.

I bargained, promised, and prayed.
“God I can’t do this, I’m not strong enough, please, please don’t take her.”
“God just tell me what to do, I’ll do whatever it takes, please just let me take her home.” “God please, please, I’ll do anything, I don’t want this lesson.”

We waited hours.

Two physicians came to the doorway. Their arms were crossed. They stared down at the floor then glanced at me and then again their eyes looked away.
“I’m sorry we did all we could, it just wasn’t enough…it just wasn’t enough to save her,” they said.

I’ll never forget those words.

I stood there numb.
How could she be gone?  Why didn’t I hear her go out the front door?

How could I let her drown?

How do I tell her big brother and sister that they don’t have a little sister anymore?

How do I go home without her?

I went home and became a stranger in my own life.
We planned her funeral.
I felt guilty, angry, lost, sad, confused, empty.

For years Serena had become my silent secret child because the memory of her death was so painful that it seemed easier to try and bury the thoughts of her death deep inside some hidden untouchable part of me.

I thought that if I didn’t talk about her or share her story, it would hurt less.

There is a myth that time heals. One of the mistakes I made, was the belief that if I “served my time and let enough time pass,” the pain, guilt, grief, anger, would disappear.

It doesn’t work that way. You can’t bury your feelings of loss and grief no matter how hard you try.

Any one suffering from the loss of a child is being forced on a journey that they don’t want to be on.

So I was on this journey, resisting, kicking and screaming the whole way, struggling to get back to my comfort zone where life was familiar and happy. Asking, “Will I ever feel normal again?

But, of course, there is no going back.

For me sometimes the journey felt so painful that I thought I would rather die then continue on it. But continuing along the path and working through the loss and grief is the only way to being, “normal” again and even happy.

It has been years since Serena’s death and today her stories and memories bring me joy instead of tears.

So how do you go from tears to joy?

One of the most powerful things I did was start journaling.

Journaling helped me express, accept and let go of my pain. Each night I wrote something about her memory, my thoughts and feelings for the day and what I was grateful for.

I told her story over and over again in my journal and each time it released some of the sadness. With each journal entry there came lots of tears and a painful wave of sadness. As each wave of sadness came and went a little of the heaviness disappeared. I ended each journal entry with something I was grateful for.

I know that sometimes it seems impossible to be grateful for anything and maybe even cruel that I could suggest that you look for something to be grateful for and to journal it. I know at one time it was for me.

But this was how I started on the path of finding my purpose and how I began to live again.

I was once asked, “if you could choose, would you choose to have never had Serena in your life and avoid the pain.” Without hesitation I answered, “No, I would do it all over again.”

My life has forever changed because Serena was a part of it.

It took us a long time to understand that a new normal was not only OK but that it could be celebrated. I learned it’s not about, “serving your time,” it’s more about, “working your time.”

So Today my life looks nothing like it did before Serena died. Her life has been a huge lesson that has changed how I live and value my life. I left the corporate job that at one time I thought was my dream job, but came to realize it took up way to much of my time. That was one of the scariest and best decisions I have ever made!

I realize now how precious time is and that time with the people we love can never be taken for granted.

Our greatest wish is that your journey takes you to a place of peace, joy, love and laughter a life without limits!

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Tell Your Story 

We all have a unique story. Our unique story is a combination of our experiences, and beliefs that have made us who we are.  You have a story to tell that is uniquely yours and sets you apart from anyone else.

You see, we know something about you. You are on this page for a reason. It’s not a mistake that you are here!

You are here for a purpose.

There is something calling you forward. It comes from a place of inspiration, of knowing and of living a life that makes a difference for you and for others.

You know how precious life is. You know we only have a certain amount of time, so let’s begin to make it a life of meaning, of sharing, and of knowing how to love, how to give and change what was, to what we now choose it to mean.

Trust that you have all the courage within you to get up, to rise up and to have a life of joy and peace, a Life Without Limits!

It is a process, and we will show you how it is possible to LIVE AGAIN and not only LIVE AGAIN, but live without regrets.

We are here Present for You always.


To Your Life Without Limits,

Elena & Jean

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