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Baby Boomer Women Are Hit Hard By Todays Economy

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Today’s economy is hitting boomer women hard.

As a boomer woman I am watching some of my girlfriends really struggle. Some have gotten caught in the downsizing and others have watched a huge chunk of their retirement savings get eaten up by the stock market drop, and still some baby boomer women have lost their savings in the housing market.

Its no wonder statistics are showing that boomer women are the least prepared for retirement. Baby boomer women are hit hard by today’s economy, but we’re a tough group. We are getting back up stronger then ever as “boomer entrepreneurs.”

So baby boomer women are becoming entrepreneurs in record numbers!


My girlfriend Ann is a boomer women who’s company downsized. She became one of the people that was let go, during a massive layoff. They considered it, “early retirement.” She struggled trying to find a job.  At first she looked for a job that was similar to the one she had, for the prior 20 years. Then she started to feel more desperate and was looking for, “any job.”  It seemed like the, “only thing I could do,” she said.

It wasn’t until she felt “desperate” that she started to think differently.

Her first thoughts were that it would be this little side venture that would help her earn money until she could find a job and then she started to realize that she didn’t need a job at all.  She had skills that she had been developing for over 30 years. She started to think about how she could become a baby boomer entrepreneur. She took the skills that she had been using, as a corporate employee and turned them into a profitable business.

The transition was not an obvious or easy one at first. She struggled with learning new skills but also realized she didn’t have to know, “everything,” and that she could hire people to do things for her.

Because she became frustrated trying to set things up on the Internet she found she could easily hire that job out. She also joined a network of other boomer woman, that introduced her to local vendors that she could use.

Ann is part of a huge group of boomer Women that have discovered the benefits of being an entrepreneur. Not all baby boomer women have joined the ranks of female entrepreneurs due to financial needs.

I am a huge part of the female boomer women that left their corporate jobs because it was no longer a, “good fit.”  It was never a good fit, but like my girlfriend Ann, we stepped into the corporate world years ago without giving entrepreneurship a real thought.

Sadly, entrepreneurs surrounded us, in our family and we still didn’t consider it for ourselves until, like Ann we felt desperate.  Sometimes the biggest blocks we have are in our own minds. We limit ourselves simply by our thinking.

We would love to hear from you. Why you became an entrepreneur. Leave us a comment below and share with us. Please feel free to share this post with anyone you feel would enjoy it. We love it when you do!


To Your Life Without Limits,

Elena & Jean


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