Develop Your Millionaire Mindset To Think Like The Wealthy

develop your millionaire mindset to think like the wealthy

Establish Your Millionaire Mindset To Think Like The Wealthy

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We all have our own ideas and comfort level surrounding our wealth and abundance. Most of our ideas were developed as children and without awareness about creating wealth, or what wealthy people do.

In essence our ideas and beliefs we have today were developed by our own child self.

When we think about it, unless you have given it some serious thoughts as an adult your taking your financial advice from your childhood self. Scary thought!

So lets establish your millionaire mindset to think like the wealthy.


Some of us have grown up with very limiting beliefs around wealth and abundance. Such as, “rich people were greedy,” or “money is the root of all evil,” or “millionaires have more problems.” We have all heard these stereotype generalizations, and with these thoughts lingering in the cobwebs of our minds we will not be able to attract abundance.

I grew up in a home where my father had strong beliefs about money and finances. Looking back I realize that I adopted his views and opinions about how much money, “was enough,” how much should “be saved,” and how much, “goes to charity.”  I also adopted his ideas about credit, buying a home, all kinds of things that until recently I hadn’t thought about.

Some of these beliefs were not serving me. My father grew up in a family that had no extra income, where putting food on the table was a constant struggle and things like clothes and shoes were a luxury. Many of his beliefs were from a poverty and fear mindset that he developed as a child.

The truth is my beliefs about abundance and wealth were all interpretations of his thoughts based on  our childhood. The problem, some of our beliefs were self-limiting and based out of fear and not reality. Not a good basis for developing a millionaire mindset or creating wealth.

One of the limiting beliefs that we adopted was a frugal, scarcity mindset.  

A scarcity mindset is a limiting belief that can hold you back in many ways. This was one of the hardest mindsets for me to change because it was so imbedded into our belief system. It was holding us back because we tried to do everything ourselves. With the idea that we could save money if we did everything on our own.

This slowed down our business growth. We also were not charging enough for our services. This same limiting mindset would not allow us to fully appreciate our own value.

What are your thoughts about wealth and abundance? When you become aware or your beliefs you can determine if they are serving you or preventing you from achieving your wealth and abundance goals. Wealthy people have a millionaire mindset.

Do you believe you are, good enough, smart enough, and deserving of abundance and wealth? For so many of us our financial success or lack of it is due to these beliefs we have had since childhood.  You have the ability to change your mindset.

We would love to hear about your wealth mindset. What things have you done to change your mindset? Write us a comment below and let us know. And as always we would love it if you shared this post with your family and friends.


To Your Life Without Limits,

Elena & Jean


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