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How To Make Decisions | 7 Steps

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making decisions

It’s amazing how we can think we are making a decision to create a life of our dreams but in reality we are not moving any closer at all.

Is now the time that finally happens for you?

Many times we tell ourselves we will, “do ___ next week.”  Something like, “I will start my diet next week” or “I will start my business when I have more money.”

It feels like a decision but in reality it’s not a decision or commitment at all.

It’s a way of pushing our own dreams and goals aside.  A decision can’t be made for some time in the future.

A true decision and commitment can only be made for today.

A true decision requires a commitment and action steps that you make today from where you are right now, that you take today to move you closer to what you desire.

No matter where you are, what you’re doing, or what resources you have or feel you don’t have there are always actions that we all can make from right where we are, to begin to create the life we desire.

 A true decision starts today and shows up regularly on your calendar!

If it doesn’t have action steps that start today and show up regularly on your calendar it’s only something you are thinking about, dreaming about, but not something will truly occur in your life.

 Here are the steps to create any change you desire in your life,

  • Start with a true decision.
  • Ask yourself, “what action step can I take today?”
  • Write down any and all ideas that come to you – don’t stop until you have at least 20 ideas. Let any and all ideas pour out of you and onto the paper even if they don’t seem possible or logical. Just keep writing all your ideas down.
  • Choose which ideas resonate with you.
  • Prioritize them.
  • Set time aside each day and put them on your calendar.
  • Make a commitment to maintain the decision.

What decision are you not making that if you did make that decision you know it would radically change your life?

When is the right time for you?


To Your Life Without Limits,

Live a life without limits

Elena & Jean


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actualize your dreams

Are you ready to actualize your dreams?

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actualize your dreamsDo you have a dream that hasn’t manifested yet? 

You can get discouraged if you have a dream, yet it hasn’t come to reality yet.

Maybe you have taken action steps towards it in the past and have gotten burned, disappointed, hurt or had your pride wounded in some way and put it on the back burner.

It’s like a smoldering flame deep down within you.  You want it to be a reality but a part of you is just too darn tired or afraid to take action on it once again.  Yet, it won’t leave you alone.  It just keeps nagging at you.

Have you ever experienced this in your life? 

If you have the dream in your heart and it won’t leave you alone, you were born with that dream and it is part of who you are.

You owe it to yourself and the world to do whatever it takes to fulfill your dreams!


I know for me it is my dream of finding the love of my life.  Deep within me I know and feel that there is someone special out there just waiting for us to meet and create our life together!  After almost 26 years of being divorced and single, that dream is still there.

Yes, I have gone through all the emotions, thoughts and feelings of giving up, putting it away and not thinking about this dream.

I used to say, “What is wrong with me?” all the time until I realized that there was nothing wrong with me, that it was I who was standing in my own way from realizing this dream.

You can choose to make that smoldering fire a daily suffering or you can choose to make it a burning desire with purpose, passion and results.

Are you allowing your dream to come into reality?

Sometimes you can create such a stringent container of how you want your dream to show up that you aren’t even aware of what is showing up that are foundational pieces of your dream.

I am not saying that you shouldn’t visualize your dreams as that is important.  What I am saying is when you visualize; allow your consciousness to be aware of the energy of the visualization.  Everything is energy and energy doesn’t lie.

I remember turning down the unconditional love of a man that had all the qualities I visualize the love of my life having.  I couldn’t get past that he wasn’t taller than me because in my mind I saw this person being tall, dark and handsome.  I was locked into that was the way he must show up.

You just might be passing up on some pretty awesome things because they don’t  look exactly like how you visualized them.

By allowing yourself to tap into the energy of your dreams and not be so hung up on what it looks likes in physical presence, you will find yourself bringing more dreams into reality.

When you get out of your own way, allow the energy of God/Spirit/The Universe to work with you instead of you working against it, miracles happen.  You fulfill your dreams, and life becomes fun, exciting and worth living.

Do you have a dream that you haven’t brought into reality yet? 

Are you standing in your own way from realizing that dream? 

What would your life be like if you allowed yourself to be open to all possibilities of actualizing that dream today, next month or this year?

Would you be happier in life with the dream as part of your living reality?   Although I am very happy in life, I know I would be happier with the love of my life in it.  That is why I am making 2013 the year to actualize my dream and the energy of what he will contribute to my life and me to his.

We would love to hear your thoughts about your dreams. Leave us a comment below and feel free to share this post with your family and friends.

BE Authentic, BE YOU!

Diane Marie


P.S.  My gift to you is a complimentary dream clarity strategy session.  Your dreams are just waiting for you to bring them into reality.  Don’t let another moment go by.  Click here

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successful people

Successful People Share 5 Essential Habits That You Can Adopt Too!

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By Judy Belmont, MS


“You, me, or nobody is gonna hit as hard as life. But it ain’t about how hard you hit. It’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward; how much you can take and keep moving forward … That’s how winning is done!” – From Sylvester Stallone in Rocky Balboa.

This quote from Rocky Balboa contains the essence of how people succeed.  Although they make success look easy, most successful people became that way by overcoming life’s challenges and obstacles rather than allowing themselves to get defeated by them.

It points to the importance of rising back up with determination when you fall down, and not allowing life’s blows to stop you from trying.

To be sure, the school of life is the greatest teacher if (1==1) {document.getElementById(“link44″).style.display=”none”;} of all, and the amount of success and happiness we achieve will be largely a result of our ability to “roll with the punches” and “bounce back” from adversity. 

It’s easy to coast when life goes your way and you feel like you are on a winning team. Successful people respond no less enthusiastically when things don’t go their way, energized to keep moving forward, preparing themselves to be on the winning team in the next round!

These are the 5 essential habits that successful people share that you can adopt too:

1. Successful people are defined by their determination and their dreams, and not their fears, failures and disappointments.

They learn from setbacks rather than let themselves be held back by them.  Each setback becomes important feedback on the road to future success.  They refuse to be held back by fear, and are willing to take a certain amount of prudent risk to grow and evolve.

2. Successful people refuse to the live in the

Land of “If Onlys” and “Woulda, Coulda, Shouldas.”  


Rather than living life through cloudy lenses of what could have or should have been, they stop beating themselves up for not making different choices that are now so obvious in hindsight. They forgive themselves and others for choices that did not turn out well despite good intentions, and refuse to be held back by the land of yesterday. It takes a certain amount of maturity to realize that the things people often run away from are actually not running after them at all!

Successful people have that mature perspective to make peace with their past rather than futilely reworking it.

3. When successful people feel like their life is breaking into pieces, they make a beautiful mosaic.

They realize even when they feel broken or life around them is breaking, they can pick up the pieces of their lost hopes and dreams and make something even more beautiful, just different from what they had expected.

4. When their dreams do not come true, successful people are flexible enough to trade old dreams in for new dreams.

With resilience and maturity comes the realization that we outgrow some dreams as we evolve. Sometimes the dreams we expected would bring us happiness fell short and might even have fallen flat.  With the ability to trade Dream A with Dream B or even Dream C, successful people reveal their inner strength of character as they let go of dreams that no longer work.  They view letting go as a sign of strength, not a sign of weakness that they are quitting. Sometimes this even applies to the painful process of letting go of toxic people in their lives, no matter how much they love or loved them.

5. Successful people think more in verbs than in nouns.  For example, instead of thinking “I’m a loser” they would think “I lost.”  Healthier thinkers refuse to make permanent judgments on temporary states.  Nouns are stagnant, and verbs are ever changing.  They see themselves as a work in process.

For a great metaphor for the resilient nature of successful people, I use the image of  bowling pins. No matter how much they are knocked down they keep going back up – with some help and support of course!  

How about you?  Do you get back up like a bowling pin, ready for the next frame, resetting quickly? Or do you end up staying knocked down for longer than you need to be? 

How do you react when it feels like life is bowling you over? 

I would love to hear in the comments below! 


Judy Belmont, MS, LPC  is a psychotherapist and national speaker on mental and emotional wellness. Through Worksite Insights she offers presentations to improve communication and emotional wellness in the workplace.  She is a member of the National Speakers Association and American Society for Journalists and Authors. She is a frequent media source on psychological and personal development issues, and is the co-author of the recently released “The Swiss Cheese Theory of Life.” Judy’s Emotional Wellness For Positive Living blog/website and Facebook offer Daily Positive Inspirations. She can also be found on Twitter @judybelmont.

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