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When Life Hands You Crap, Journal

By | Successful Women | 24 Comments

So life has giving you a good kick in the shines and now you’ve got the “woe is me’s.”

Whenever something bad happens in our life or things are just not going the way we want. We start to think, “life is handing me crap.” Sometimes we get into thoughts and habits that just don’t help us. So when we start to get into the,  “life sucks,” mentality what can you do to change it?

When life hands you crap journal.

Start with gratitude. The easiest way to change your thoughts is to start thinking of what your grateful for.

We know this sounds a little condescending when your feeling down and out, but successful women entrepreneurs know it works. Remember our thoughts dictate our reality, and the things we focus on grow.  Sometimes we take for granted all the greatness in our lives. When you plan for your life sometimes things just don’t go according to your plan.

Start a gratitude journal. Keep your journal next to your bed with a favorite pen. Each night before falling asleep journal what you’re grateful for. Write down at least three things that you are grateful for. On days when you feel like  your struggling to think of things to write down consider stuff like, your excellent health, your kid’s health, the “treasure” your cat brought into your bedroom. Well OK sometimes add a little humor in. We can always use a laugh.

Any type of journal or  paper will work, but lets make this a little more fun. Consider a journal with a beautiful inspirational cover, or one that has a different inspirational quote on each page. My favorite is making my own cover with inspirational quotes and pictures that I love. Family pictures and travel photos are a favorite. Think of what would inspire you.

My journal also includes my successes.  So I guess mine is really a combination gratitude journal and success journal. Include 3  things your grateful for and 3 things you have accomplished that day. Lets be honest we all feel good when we have accomplished something.  We are full of pride and excitement. It’s a huge confidence booster to acknowledge your success and it breeds more confidence and more success. Exactly what you want!

The thing is as you start to look at what is going right in your life that momentum builds. The next time life hands you crap and you start the “woe is me’s,” you will be able to pull out your gratitude – success journal and review it. You will amaze yourself at how far you’ve come in a short amount of time. You may even have a few chuckles over what you wrote. The point is, when you journal for success a shift in your thoughts and in your confidence will happen. You start to have more and more confidence, and more and more successes.

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To Your Life Without Limits,

Elena & Jean

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