Women entrepreneurs are on the rise

women entrereneurs

Women Entrepreneurs Are On The Rise

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Everywhere you look more and more women are becoming entrepreneurs. The shift is happening now like no other time in history.  Women entrepreneurs are on the rise for good reason.

More and more women are taking control and being responsible for their future. Women have been part of the workforce for a while but now are taking it a step further and becoming their own boss.

Like other women I stepped out of the work force and into entrepreneurship.  I was dissatisfied with my professional life. Working like a dog and selling my time to get ahead was not for me.

Let me explain.

Thirty years ago when I was young and planning my life and goals, there was no Internet, or possibility of working from home and being an entrepreneur. I was part of a family full of entrepreneur’s, all brick and mortar type businesses.

In fact I helped my husband build his business for the last 25 years. But that was an old work model that worked great back then, but didn’t fit into a dream lifestyle any more than the corporate world that I joined.

I had been feeling pulled between family time and work commitments for a long time and the corporate world of long hours did not fit in with my values of family.

Sadly when my daughter passed away in a drowning accident the one thing I wished for over and over again was just a little more time with her. I was aching for any time I could get, an hour, a few minutes, a few seconds – anything.

I told myself time will heal and to be grateful for having a “good job.” But as time went by I became more and more frustrated by my lack of control over my life. I decided it was time to stop listening to other people, and to start listening to my heart. I became my own boss. I became a female entrepreneur.

Now as my parents are ageing and my kids were getting older, I’m ecstatic to be in control of my schedule and time. Becoming an entrepreneur with my home-based business was the solution for all my frustration. I just needed to listen to my own heart and take the leap of faith.

It makes complete sense for more and more women because the old work models never did fit our lives or us. Female entrepreneurs can custom fit their work and business to fit their passions, desires, values, interests and families.

It’s an exciting time for women as more and more women build their dream lifestyle through entrepreneurship. Everyday through our coaching program we see the enjoyment women have as they learn how they can build their business around what is truly important to them.

We have learned that female entrepreneurs have got to be willing to try new things, learn new skills and accept the challenges that will surely face then. Are you ready to listen to your heart and join us?


To Your Life Without Limits,



Elena & Jean

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